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Free Keyword Research Tools

analyzing top 10 pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

There are many keyword research tools on the market that can be used for free. I will be listing a variety of free SEO tools for you to explore. One site I recently stumbled upon is The website provides a free daily search option which allows you to search e-Bay, Amazon and Google for niche keywords. If you have an online business than SEO and ranking well in search engines is a must. Everyone with an online presence can use a ranking tool to boost traffic and sales. Doing so will help you find more niche keywords that allow you to stimulate growth and better connect with customers and clients from all over the world. The keyword tool mentioned is user-friendly and unlocks the searching power of autocomplete databases from “real user keyword searches” on sites such as Youtube and Walmart. Check out the free keyword tool or join the affiliate program to gain 30% commissions on sales, deposited directly into your PayPal account.

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In addition to giving you a set of sites that offer free keyword research tools and keyword research affiliate programs, I have chosen to also link directly to other blogs. There you will find reviews of high quality resources. One of my favorites is, a popular website with almost 4 million external backlinks, and a 7/10 Google Pagerank score. Ahrefs also offers their own free keyword research tool which you can use at no charge.

Keyword Explorer, keyword power tool.

For a free test drive just visit the Ahref’s Keyword Explorer and scroll down to the bottom. They also offer a backlink checker, a broken link checker (if you are in need of this feature I also recommend Xenu Link Sleuth), a website authority checker, Youtube, Bing and Amazon keyword tools, and a regular keyword generator. The SEO analyzer and the SERP checker can be tried for only $7. There’s lots of useful tools and data, if you are an SEO professional you should definitely have a look.

Are hrefs keyword tools free? – Yes, many tools can be used at no cost. For some functionality there is a low fee starting at $7.

Why do you like Ahrefs keyword tools? – They are up to standard and there is a lot of free information available on their website, including actionable SEO tips, link building guides, keyword research guides and much more.

Stimulate growth by using free keyword tools that will run on your celphone
Research keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex from the convenience of your cellphone

In your quest for better rankings you may have stumbled upon sites that offer listings in hundreds of directories for a nominal fee, but beware! In my experience many such sites should be avoided at all cost. So-called niche directories are often of poor quality and may even have been penalized by big search engines like Google and Bing. Should this be the case than a link to your site could cause your ranking to drop considerably, and you might even be removed as the result of a pagerank 0/10 penalty by Google.

Another available service to research keywords for your niche market is The functionality of the free version of their tool is limited, but what I like is that they have a well-paying affiliate program that pays 80% on the first month and 30% on recurring charges for customers that subscribe to the month plan. For quarterly plans the affiliate payment is 30% and for annual plans you will receive 50% on the first payment and 20% on renewals. You can visit wordtracker here.

Is wordtracker free? – No, only 3 results are displayed.

Why do you like wordtracker? – It has a great affiliate program with easy sign-up.

Use the research tool to find niche keywords for your business. keyword research tool

Question: What is the hourly rate for keyword optimization? Answer: The average rate ranges from $35 to $47/hour. You might find lower rates in foreign countries but you may discover that the quality is considerably less. Depending on the amount of keyword optimization required, we can provide keyword optimization at low fees. For websites with over 10 hours of work we only charge $17/hour.

Question: How to get Google ranking info for all pages of my site?

Answer: Add link: or links: before the URL you wish to verify and type this in the Google search box. You will receive a listing with backlinks to your site. Additionally you want to sign up for Google webmaster, and Google analytics, both services are free. Websites such as will also give you a better understanding of your website’s online presence.

time is money
time to make some money online

Useful keyword tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bulk Keyword Generator from – generate keywords based on industry type.
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • keyword suggestions, searches and analysis
Keysearch searches and analysis will help you grow your business with free and paid keyword research tools. SEO tips, tutorials and info to get the most out of keysearch

Also read these exciting software reviews with the best free SEO keyword tools.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a lot of free tools and programs out there that allow you to find new keywords. However, it is also time consuming and time is money. Additionally, many websites will charge a fee for the use of their software. If you plan on joining the keyword affiliate programs than you may be able to make some money, but if you solely plan on using the services offered, than you can probably better invest in more important tasks such as email marketing, textual and visual content creation, or link building campaigns. Having a few .gov and .edu links will certainly boost your visibility in the major search engines.

The bottom line is that if you are just starting out, free tools may work out alright for you. However, if you have some traffic going, using a paid service is a must. Remember, if you want to rank, than your content needs to align with search intent.

Find the best SEO Keyword Research Tools – KeySearch Review

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Another popular keyword research tool that may have your interest is discussed in this Keysearch review, this tools is similar to Ahrefs, SEMRush and Spyfy but much more affordable. And there are free SEO tools such as Keywordsh****r which make your research efforts a lot simpler.

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