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Sign up for Ahrefs and get Listed on Top in Major Search Engines

Who doesn’t want to be listed on page one of the major search engines? Maybe you’ve done a little SEO and you’ve heard SEO experts talking about Ahrefs. So now you would like to know exactly what is Ahrefs? Why should you use it? Does it really work? And is there a specific time when you should start using it? Below I will answer all these questions so you will know if Ahrefs is really worth spending your money on.

Extend your wealth with Ahrefs SEO tools
Make more money with Ahrefs SEO tools

Ahrefs is a professional grade SEO tool that offers everything from keyword management to competitive analysis. While Ahrefs isn’t geared for beginners, it’s a solid choice for experienced SEO professionals.

It is noteworthy that Ahrefs offers live access to the world’s largest and constantly updated database of live backlinks. If you are serious about SEO then it’s is important to use a backlink checker tool that delivers detailed backlink profiles for any URL or website.

Reliable non-biased Ahrefs SEO reviews

Ahrefs is another word for potential and growth; it offers solid ad-hoc keyword research, in depth SERP analysis, exceptional site-specific and internet-wide crawling capabilities, and comprehensive domain monitoring and comparison.

We can divide the Ahrefs SEO tools in four sections: Competitor Research, Link Building, Keyword Research and Content Research. Many SEO experts agree that it is the most comprehensive SEO & backlink tool ever used.

There are other sites offering similar services, but you will find that the accuracy of data is higher when you use Ahrefs. It is said to offer the best backlink analysis for competitors, although this does come with a pricetag.

Learn how to use Ahrefs online
Learn how to optimize with Ahrefs here

Ahrefs aims mainly at people who know what they are doing when it comes to SEO. It can do a bit of everything but it lacks the keyword management and SEO reporting tools that Moz Pro provides which additionally ends up costing $3 less a month ($81 – $399/month vs. $79/month).

Ahrefs SEO is big business!
Ahrefs aims at people who know what they are doind when it comes to SEO

I hear you thinking, how can anyone spend that much on SEO tools? Well, SEO is big business and if you have better information you can make more money. If you think Ahrefs is too expensive you should consider our Editor’s Choice SpyFu which provides a much cleaner user experience for only $33/month.

Use Ahrefs SEO tools and set your goals!
Start optimizing your website with Ahrefs SEO tools

Something I didn’t like about Ahrefs was that it allowed me to drill down the search by country, but it didn”t allow for me to zoom in by city, a functionality that tools such as KWFinder do provide.

What I like about Ahrefs is that it will provide you with data on how heavily paid the search ads are that appear on top of results, and how strong the competition is in terms of backlinks, relevancy, etc. They rank this using a PA/DA score which you want this to be under 50. Anything over 60 is usually very hard to beat, and should this be the case you may wish to change your focus.

SEO experts agree Ahrefs it is the most comprehensive SEO & backlink tool.
Ahrefs is an SEO and backlink tool

Another nice feature is that you can take target URLs and run the Site Explorer search in order to find out how you can optimize your pages to rank high in the SERPs for select keyword combinations.

Last but not least you should realize that tools like Ahrefs are helpful, but content is still king. What Ahrefs will do for you is identify which content is making you money, and how to adjust your webpages to get better rankings in the SERPs.

If you like more unbiased information on Ahrefs make sure to check out the digital marketing reviews from sites such as PCmag, G2 and FinancesOnline just to name a few. You will find useful reviews there from independent Ahrefs users.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s review. If you liked the textual or visual content above please leave me a comment to let me know, and remember, I provide free advice on SEO related topics, if you have a question don’t be shy to let me know πŸ˜‰

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