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Improve Digital Marketing with Cute Puppy Images and Videos

Improve your digital marketing campaigns with cute puppy images!
Use a cute puppy for your digital marketing campaign

Puppies are cute right? So why not add a puppy to your images or videos? Yes, I know it’s cliche, but everyday a puppy does something cute or funny, and consumers respond positively to puppies in commercials and marketing material. A study by the Oxford Department of Psychiatry essentially said consumers can’t help but be drawn to puppies. You will find that the pictures that appear in Google, Bing and Yahoo image search results will all have a higher click-though rate (CTR), which consequently means that you will be drawing more visitors to your website. You could also add good looking ladies to your visual content but since this is not always appreciated by female websurfers, so you want to closely monitor that your content is not too revealing. That is, unless you are certain that you are targeting a male-audience only.

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Published by Debby Winter

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