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My most recent rankings in the WordPress reader search engine

Hello everyone, I’d like to share another update on the increase in traffic to this site as is reffered by the famous WordPress reader search engine. For those who don’t know yet this site was started about 17 days ago and we have been slowly gaining territory in Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. It seems Google is still resentful about a blackhat website I made several years ago. The site grew huge but was removed manually from the index and I am still seeing the consequences, so, whenever I work on a new site I cannot be logged in to Google and I must access from a different computer in order to ensure that no matching hardware ID is found when connecting.

Bluehost cheap webhosting, #1 ranking!
#1 Ranking without using SEO tools or software

As you can see above we moved to number 1 in the WordPress reader search engine for the search term “Bluehost’. The post has a lot of original images, but even so it only has 5 likes and doesn’t get much traffic. I guess most people who find this site prefer reading posts about how to improve their search engine rankings as compared to posts on cheap hosting services. The wordPress reader has been good for up to 40 visitors daily (this is the amount of traffic for all search queries combined), if anyone else gets more referrals I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below. I did find a few bloggers in the wordpress reader (using the discover option) that have over 40 million (!) followers, but unfortunately I was unable to contact them to ask some questions. So in a nutshell Bluehost is ranking #1 but could still do much better.

Graphical Design, #2 Ranking!
Graphical Design #2 Ranking without SEO tools or software

We’re coming in on number for the search querie “graphical design” and while this is marvelous it points to the “about us” page… I will go on and try to optimize the page for those interested in graphical design, while trying not to mess things up to the extend that I loose the ranking. Remember if you plan on making similar modifications to your page always start by saving a backup copy so you can easily undo the changes in case you break your rankings.

Ahrefs SEO tools now ranking on #3!
Search results for “Ahrefs” now ranking #3

Ahrefs went down in ranking from number two to number three. This means I will have to write another post about Ahrefs and create some link love as I haven’t done this as of yet and repeating keywords on a site-wide level is important to keep relevancy up. Most articles on this site are about search engines and SEO and while Ahrefs is a great SEO tool it’s cost prevents many from being able to use it. But my opinion is that you really don’t need tools like Ahrefs, you can simply use the search engine suggestions and check out the backlinks to your competitors. If you invest some time in doing so you can get a pretty decent idea of what you are dealing with. Did you notice that I just talked quiet a bit about Ahrefs ? I might aswell include a link to the article and if you have an article about Ahrefs on your site aswell make sure to link to mine, once I receive the pingback I will approve it so we both benefit.

Search results for "SEO" now ranking #15 in WordPress!
Search results for the search term “SEO”

This site is currently ranked #15 for the search terms SEO and I am not happy with that at all. I realize that this blog is only 17 days old and that there are many other blogs out there that have more followers and likes and such, but on the other hand this entire blog has a laser beam focus on SEO so a higher ranking in search engines would be expected and is also just. I think it is extremely unfair that this site is not listed number one above Rising Star who posts random photos of the sky (yes I know it’s still original content). He combines this with commenting on other blogs using the term SEO in every one of his comment, so that this will make his entire site rank well even though the amount of articles he has on SEO is limited. Anyways, the only thing I can do about this is to keep on posting fresh content daily, focussing on the same keywords, creating proper links with keywords from within the site, and obtaining one or two backlinks daily from other sites with related content. I have easily been able to find such sites by searching the internet and by using the search engine in the WordPress reader.

OK I will be closing this post for today as it’s getting late and I have to do some work, last but not least I will answer a question, someone asked me about how the tag option in WordPress can be used to more efficiently since it affects the wordpress search results in the reader. Well, I know that not everyone agrees with me but I am convinced that the best method is to check the major search engines for suggestions. For example when I got to Google, Bing or Yahoo and I search for “affordable SEO services” than I will get a list of recommendations on the right hand side or at the bottom of the page, in this case it returned “inexpensive seo, cheap seo services, local seo solutions, cheap seo company, cheap search engine optimization, and inexpensive seo expert”. I’m not big on the word cheap but it does help adding these tags to your post from a search engine’s point of view. I also searched for “semrush keywords” and the keyword suggestions returned were “free website seo checker, semrush competitors, semrush seo toolkit course, semrush login, semrush seo certification, seo my website free”. Note how the first and last keyword combination does not contain the actual keyword? It is good to not just provide combinations that contain the actual keyword you are searching for as this may lead to penalties, just keep that in mind.

Now I’m really going to close this post, if you learned something or if you liked this post please share and comment. Thanks for reading till the end and have a great day! Love you guys, Debby Winter

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