Creating faceswaps with DeepFaceLab is good for SEO?

Technology and artificial intelligence are changing faster than ever, and today we want to know: Is creating faceswaps with DeebFaceLap software good for SEO? Well yes, of course it is! Governments have been secretly using AI and software like DeepFaceLap for a long time. But now access has been made available to the general public meaning you can fake your own videos and voices. Yes, new faceswap technology for video is here! You can swap faces in movies with your own, or make it appear as if other people are saying things they never said. The scary thing is that nobody is able to verify whether or not the things said were actually pronounced by the person in question or faked, so checking the source to see where the video is hosted has become more important than ever. Dangerous? Yes! But very useful for SEO in order to create original content.

Video and voice edit: The Covid 19 version

The best deepfakes and how it all works (Tom Cruise impersonator).

A president Obama deepfake video below:

Nothing is real, don’t trust your ears and eyes.

If you have a fast computer with a lot of RAM and a graphics card that has at least 32gb of memory than you can make your own deepfakes. You can download a free copy of the English version of DeepFaceLab software at

This face was rendered by an AI for SEO purposes.
This face was rendered by an AI for SEO purposes.

What else AI software can do and how it can be used to create content and to improve your SEO can be seen at , all the faces displayed on this website have been generated through means of artificial intelligence. You can generate new faces by pressing the refresh button. Can you imagine falling in love with a face that is not even real. Creepy? Maybe, but does it prove that AI is currently able to generate interesting content that can make it to page one of Google? You can download the code from Github at NVlabs/stylegan2 if you like to train your own AI in order to create new faces that you can use as original content on your website.

This image was rendered by an AI as part of an SEO project. The person displayed does not exist.
This person does not exist, it was created by an AI for SEO purposes

I have never tried opening a Facebook account with a freshly rendered image from as profile pic, but in theory Facebook will not be able to identify the image with its photo-recognition software which gives it an enigmatic touch.

So be careful, as technology is getting better deepfakes are getting more difficult to spot, and we should all be responsible using the software. If you liked this post please like, share and comment. Your comments are oxygen to me.

With Love, Debby Winter

Do you think deepfakes are creepy?

When did you first hear about deepfakes?

Would you be interested in making your own deepfakes?

Does new AI face rendering technology help us to better understand expressions and emotions?

How does AI affect the ability to profile internet users?

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13 thoughts on “Creating faceswaps with DeepFaceLab is good for SEO?

  1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, there are many people out there who don’t even know yet what faceswaps are… This will soon be changing as it gets more out there and available.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. I hope you don’t mind me asking but were you aware that faceswaps in videos were possible before I published this article? Faceswaps have a lot of implications on everything from legal issues to public security and SEO. Companies like Google have been working to make faceswaps and other AI technologies possible for the longest time, but it was kept as a secret military weapon. Now the secret is out and good faceswaps appear so real you can’t set them apart from true representations. Kinda scary in a way.

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  3. No and neither did my husband hi has a degree in computer science. It is very scary. I wonder if you can answer this question. Once I was on my computer and all of a sudden I noticed that the green camera light was on even though I was not FaceTiming. So do you think people are sometimes watching us? I am not a big conspiracy theory person but that freaked me out. Very good questions. I appreciate your posts ignorance is bliss but I want to know this stuff but not get too consumed. Love πŸ’• J

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  4. With whistle blowers like Snowden we have seen that it is not a question if but when this happens. There are also photos of Mark Zuckerberg on the internet with him having his camera and microphone covered with tape. Maybe if he covers his camera and microphone you should too. Furthermore the TikTok app has recently been banned by the US army for use on government phones. All indicators that your computer may not be as secure as you believe it to be.

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  5. Wow thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question thoroughly. I am impressed. You are in a very interesting field. Good for you. Thank you again. If someone is following my life they would be pretty bored. However you bring up some extremely valid points. Thanks again. Hugs πŸ€— Joni

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