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These songs need to be SEO’d so people can find them

YouTube is the second largest search engine, but because some songs on YouTube have not been SEO’d they don’t get many views and likes. Youtube SEO is different from website SEO, and if you have a fairly new YouTube account your songs can sit for months or even years until they are discovered (or not), so with that in mind I decided to remove the dust of a handful of glittering gems and to give them some link love.

This video needs more promotion on other channels as well as incoming links

Proper tagging and categorizing is important for ranking well
More targeted tags would help SEO
Adding subtitles and cards will be beneficial for SEO
This video needs subtitles and cards and end screens
This video is missing targeted keywords in the title and description
This video was uploaded in 2015 and has less than 1k likes, what a shame!

I am currently working on “The Ultimate Guide To Ranking High in YouTube” this is a tutorial in which I will show you exactly how to rank your videos in 2020. There are a few standard tricks such as renaming the video using a target keyword, optimizing your video title and description, properly tagging and categorizing videos, uploading a thumbnail, adding subtitles and closed caption, and adding cards and end screens to your video.

You may already be familiar with Youtube SEO but just in case here are some SEO tools I use to optimize Youtube videos: I often use the 1) Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, 2) VidIQ Vision, which is a tool for serious YouTube creators, 3) Canva, a free design tool that always comes out handy, and 4) DebbySEO Free Tools (a long list of free tools for YouTube SEO and Google SEO).

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know in comments below which video you liked best?

With Love, Debby

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Published by Debby Winter

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5 thoughts on “These songs need to be SEO’d so people can find them

  1. Joni thank you for your kind words. With SEO one small change can make a big difference, and everyone should try. SEO is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order and rhythm. It is both a science and an art I always say. Stay safe my friend. With love, Debby πŸ™‚


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