YouTube Video Builder Available for Beta Access

Google announced on Tuesday that it is providing free access to their YouTube Video Builder beta tool. The tool allows individuals and company brands to create short videos of up to 15 seconds using YouTube’s free audio library and existing assets.

As a result businesses can now animate static assets such as textual- and visual content, which are easily mixed with music from the free Google library in order to create a short film that is suitable for ad placement on YouTube.

An Easy Solution

If you don’t have much experience with video editing than this tool is for you! It allows you to create professionally looking ads for YouTube and you can additionally use this tool for quick testing purposes. In case of established brands it may also offer a way to easily try new messages, which helps to keep customers well informed.

With use of this new beta tool you can add logos, photos and text. The software allows you to easily add music from Google’s free audio library which will give your short movie a professional sound. And besides from creating short ads for YouTube, the tool can also be used for digital marketing and affiliate marketing purposes.

YouTube Video Builder Available for Beta Access - SEO News
Google is opening its doors to easy ads on YouTube

How to sign up

In order to use the free Video Builder Beta software you will need to register with a Google account at , most request are handled within 5 business days.

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