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Top 7 Cover Songs Selected by an SEO Consultant

Below you will find my top 7 cover songs rated for SEO 1 to 100. All videos were selected by the best SEO software based on either poor or good SEO scores, and because all of them provided for a high degree of entertainment. Let me know in comments which one you like best!

1) The first song, “I hope” by Gabby Barret, is being marketed like crazy, the original version is currently ranking in the Hot 100 Chart. I found this cover and liked it because every time Gaby publishes a new video it’s more proof the American Idol vote was wrong… But anyway, have a look at the SEO, you’ll find that the lyrics are missing in the description, and that she placed links to her Instagram and Soundcloud accounts, but forgot to link to the original song. She could also add subs and frames to the video. For someone who wishes to be discovered, and who values high quality recordings, it is sad to see that the SEO is not on the up and up. Proper SEO makes all the difference in visibility.

SEO Rating 62/100

2) With too much time on our hands these days you may feel like dancing! And why shouldn’t you join the party? Check out these Blueberry Faygo dance covers that were published on Tiktok. SEO, Tiktok and Blueberry Faygo are really hot right now, and these boys and girls really know how to present themselves. This video has gone viral and everything is done exactly the way it should be done. A big success!

SEO Rating 98 / 100

3) This is a jazz cover of the Beatles song “When I’m 64”. Am I the only who listens to this version instead of the original every time now? This is one of my favorite tunes to listen to when working on SEO.

SEO Rating 74/100

4) This young lady does a cover of Beethoven’s “Rondo y cappricio, Op. 129” – This piece is also known as “Rage over the lost penny” Well.. Thank God she didn’t lose a dollar! Anyways, this girl plays so well that I find it surprising that none of her videos are SEO optimized. You would imagine someone would have told her by now so I guess I have to be that person. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry yet either and I couldn’t even figure out her age. My guess is that in this video she is about twelve years old.

SEO Rating 12/100

5) Another cover of the Beatles “Your Mother Should Know”, this video has been available on YouTube since 2010 and should have a lot more likes and shares. This is another example of poor SEO which could have easily been prevented by adding more information in the description.

SEO Rating 34/100

6) And instead of pointing out SEO errors I will close this post with an example of good SEO and promotion. You notice how she links to the original song and properly adds descriptions and tags? This Bass Cover of Don’t Start Now was posted on Feb 24 of 2020 and already has over 2.5 million views and 175.000 likes! Bass should be this loud on everything.

SEO Rating 99/100

I hope you enjoyed the videos and SEO reviews. If you did make sure to like, share and leave your comments below. BTW for those who didn’t know, blueberry faygo is a softdrink produced by a company in Detroit. Besides blueberry (which is actually blue) they also have other weird flavors such as cotton candy and black cherry which smells and tastes like cough syrup. If you plan on trying it proceed with caution!

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