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What is the Best SEO Software?

Check for errors and keep your website healthy!
Site audits point out all potential issues bots may have with your site by crawling all the pages

DebbySEO is here to unlock your business’s full potential. We pinpoint which SEO software is working and why, and demystify what makes your audience convert. Today I have sorted through a long list of web based SEO software solutions that help you to improve ranking, monitor competitor back links, and do many other things related to search engine optimization.

SEO software will do the work for you.

In this review I will comment on the best SEO software tools currently on the market, and I will be rating organic search marketing software that has been designed to improve your ranking. Ratings are on a scale from 1 to 100 and will help you to identify the best SEO software available. Here we go:

SEO software can come with a learning curve
SEO software has many features

SEMRush rates 91 points, plans start at $99.95 / month. Pros: SEMRush enables your business to optimize it’s online presence like no other. Their excelled and unique database with information on back links is trusted by almost 6 million marketing professionals. I really enjoy using their software and tools to find good backlinks, and functions such as content analysis and website auditing with this tool are sensational. They even have a keyword magic function which made me dazzle. The on page SEO checker is useful for optimization of individual pages and I was presented with an extremely detailed report. Cons: I had the feeling some functions were missing in SEMRush, and functions like the analysis of display ads left room for improvement.

On-Site Analysis
Analyze a URL based on targeted keywords

Ahrefs rates 94 points, plans start at $99.95 / month. Pros: What a great tool for SEO research and analysis. Ahrefs offers a set of world-class SEO tools that will help you in almost every aspect of your content marketing campaign. With a click on the button you will uncover your competitors keywords, PPC keywords, and a detailed report on their backlink strategies. This company’s software is hot! Ahrefs prizewinning robot constantly crawls over 54 million websites. This professional grade SEO tool offers everything from keyword research to a unique backlink tool and help with the creation of your content. This is a complex tool that provides unusual good SEO results. The only drawbacks are that it is expensive and that they do not have a PPC research option.

Convert more leads in sales by finding the right keywords to target
Find the right keywords to target and make more money

SE Ranking rates 97 points, plans start at $34.95 / month (Editor’s Pick). Pros: SE Ranking provides all the SEO tools you need for an optimal boost in organic search engine rankings. This tool kit runs like a Porsche. And it gets better, SE Ranking comes with an affordable price tag which is why they ranked highest on our chart with 97 out of 100 points. This superfine software is perfect for SEO consultants and small business owners like myself. You will have access to a complete set of tools including keyword research, position tracking, SEO audits, automated reporting, backlink monitoring and much more. There’s really a lot to it. Additionally the system offers Social Media Management and there is a special function for the creation of Marketing Plans. This is a complete SEO tool with a clean interface that I highly recommend, especially because it only costs a fraction of what others charge. I used SEMRush for a while and had problems with the page not refreshing, something which I did not experience when using SE Ranking. It is fair to say that this tool is way superior to all others, they have the best setup hands down, even when compared to other tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic and Mangools. Cons: None.

Understand what your current backlinks are and search for new link partners
High quality backlinks are worth a lot of money

Netpeak Spider rates 97 points, they come in on the first place together with SE ranking, plans start at only $19 / month. Pros: This top-notch SEO crawler will frequent your website and report on its health. This is a great all-round SEO spider. It will generate XML sitemaps with images, analyze all incoming and outgoing links, check for duplicate content, will inform of special status codes and much more. And the price is a steal! In total there are over 80 issues that this crawler will spot and report on. Cons: This spider doesn’t offer an auto-save feature, however, since the cost is only $19 and SEO agencies can use the program as a white label PDF reporter this is not a big deal. In itself it’s a comprehensive program that works for me like a clock.

Track organic rankings for keywords that you are targeting
See how you’re doing by tracking your website in the organic search engine result pages over time

SpyFu rates 93 points, plans start at $39 / month. Pros: SpyFu is an affordable and fun to use intelligence tool for pay per click and search engine optimization. SpyFu is absolutely great for data driven decision making. You can do deep keyword research for any domain of your choice and the results are quickly returned in an organized manner. After submitting the domain you will be able to see all keywords it ranks for in the search engines. It also reports on competitors which will put you a step ahead. Spyfu is easy to use and there are thorough explanation videos of its features. Customer support is very responsive and friendly. Cons: The limitations of the basic plan are the only drawback. Still, this is an advisable purchase for the money.

Receive alerts when you are mentioned or linked to
Brand alert tools provide reports on when your brand or domain is linked to from other domains

WooRank rates 92 points, plans start at $59.99 / month. Pros: Woorank’s user-friendly web-based SEO tool generates top-grade website audits that offer information on your website’s health. You will also receive a to-do list with comprehensive tasks. Woorank helps businesses and webmasters to rank higher in search engines. Increase your conversion rates with their easy-to-use program and keep track of your competitors. Woorank is well known for it’s simplicity and you can take it for a free testdrive. And it is like a Ferrari! What I like about it is that it’s easy to understand for beginners and it allows you to setup a straight-to-the-point action plan that helps you improve your website. Woorank will take into consideration factors like domain age, robot files, indexed pages, broken links, alt attributes, title, broken links and headings. Cons: Sometimes the panel doesn’t reflect website updates immediately, it can take some time before the cache is cleared, and when you download a report twice, it counts as two different downloads.

Manage your PPC campaigns with Search Advertising Software
Search Advertising Software, unlike SEO software, uses a PPC model to improve traffic and conversion

Web CEO rates 90 points, plans start at $39 / month. Pros: This internet marketing platform provides you with nineteen tools to optimize your website. Wowzers, these tools are good! You will be able to perform smart SEO audits, do keyword research and track your ranking in major search engines. Additionally Web CEO offers competitor research, social media management, internal link analysis and more. Just relax and let the link love flow. You can customize and sell the reports using the white-label features which makes this a great tool for SEO agencies and consultants. Many people have said this to be the best SEO tool they have ever used. Cons: I find their backlink analysis not as great as compared to other platforms but for $39 dollars you can’t have it all. At the time of this writing their backlink analysis is powered by Majestic which is causing some delays.

Analyze how popular you are on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Use software to analyze social mentions and linkbacks relative to SEO

Moz Pro rates 92 points, plans start at $99 / month. Pros: When buying a subscription to Moz Pro you will receive access to price winning site tracking software with campaigns. You will be able to analyze your site’s health, work on link building, keyword performance and other factors that affect your ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once you try Moz Pro you can’t stop using it. You will be able to closely monitor your competitors’ efforts and the entire feel of the interface is just right. Additionally you will have access to plenty of resources for learning SEO which makes it great for those who are still learning. For a long time this was my central monitoring tool and it helped me to understand how sections of website were working if they were focused on separate audiences. I can’t express how happy I was when my page ranked on page 1 of Google. It was a pleasant experience to be able to track my web impact with this platform and some of the features really stand out from its competitors. Cons: This service targets mostly small businesses so if you run multiple projects or you have a very large website than you might want to consider one of the other alternatives. (1)

You can use SEO software to integrate with website analytics code
Use SEO software to add Bing Webmaster or Google Analytics code

Alexa Marketing Stack rates 82 points, plans start at $149 / month. Pros: Alexa’s Marketing Stack is like a swiss army knife, and it will effectively help you find your audience in order to convert leads into sales. The unexceeded tools Alexa provides for will help you to improve your marketing results and stay on top of your game. There is a focus on keyword research, content gaps, PPC strategy, site audits and content audits. Most people like Alexa for keyword research, and to “spy” on competitors. With Alexa marketing stack you can’t go wrong. You can quickly find every keyword for which your competitors are listed in the search engines. Cons: Traffic data and even keyword data can be somewhat inaccurate, which I find surprising given the price they are charging for a subscription. Just my 2 cents.

Dedicated SEO software tools help you optimize your website so you will rank higher in search engines.
Boost your website’s performance with dedicated SEO software tools

CognitiveSEO rates 90 points, price $129.99 / month. CognitiveSEO is an invalueble reporting tool with simple and clear dashboard intended for Digital Marketers, Webmasters, SEO experts and Bloggers. Do you recognize good SEO tools when you use them? Than you will be super satisfied with cognitiveSEO which provides you with the latest in internet marketing game plan analysis for your business. Some of the key features are cutting edge link audits that identify unnatural links, real time monitoring, local rank tracking, competitor “spying”, local tracking on international markets, white label use of the full tool set and much more. What an amazing selection of tools I was stunned. You can use Cognitive SEO to uncover the visibility of ANY site. Cons: Nothing really, I’d love them to have a light version that can be used for small projects but this is more a request than a con. This is a great tool for link building and backlink analysis.

Educate yourself about SEO software
We provide all the information you need about SEO software.

Raven Tools rates 87 points, plans start at $79 / month. This tool is a glittering gem that helps you benchmark and monitor all important SEO issues on your website. Many people say that it is the best SEO tool because the reporting function allows you to better communicate with clients by offering them a profession document that will shine light on each detail of the SEO campaign. You can use this software to generate a huge amount of marketing research data that allows you to create interactive documents in seconds. I would rank this cloud based SEO platform on the second place and I like the fact that it’s easy to use and that it has a clean interface. A cool feature it offers is the white label reports which allow you sell reports to your clients. Customer service is outstanding. Cons: The backend is not as aesthetically pleasing as I would like it to be, but then again, I’m a picky person.

Local SEO Software is useful for small businesses such as restaurants, services, and small retailers
Local SEO software targets local customers by focusing on local search engines and directories

SimilarWeb rates 82 points, price $0 and up, contact a consultant for a quote. SimilarWeb is an excellent SEO platform providing the standard for measuring data on the internet, and they keep getting better as they add more functionality. Similarweb offers both global and country level data, up to three years of web traffic data, mobile app engagement, industry analysis, keyword analysis, benchmark market penetration, and information on trending keywords such as “Google not provided” keywords. This SEO software offers functions other companies are unable to offer which makes it an interesting choice. SimilarWeb is trusted by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Walmart, e-Bay and Omnicom. This is one of the best solutions for comparing websites. The price tag for the pro package is high but worthwhile. An outstanding SEO platform that tracks well.

Use software and tools to compare your SEO results to other websites
Compare backlinks, domain strength, SERP listings and other ranking factors

Netpeak Checker rates 94 points, plans start at $19 / month. Pros: The netpeak checker is a multifunctional desktop tool from the same company who brings us NetPeak Spider. It’s another super cheap but well performing tool you don’t want to miss out on. It is the perfect tool for link builders, SEO specialists, digital marketing experts, webmasters, PPC analysts and bloggers. This true champion is intended for bulk URL analysis and website comparison, and it has many tools and options you can choose from. Check over twelve-hundred parameters of URLs, scrape SERPS, do backlink research and compare URLs by settings of well-known SEO services such as Majestic, Similarweb, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. This tool is superb! You are able to use auto captcha services to speed up your work, check on your website’s social media status, save and export data, examine on page SEO factors and use proxies. I noticed many bloggers love this tool. You can monitor what kind of CMS your competitors are using and what kind of blog posts they have. Cons: Nothing really, although it would be nice to see a system such as in place.

SEO Services Providers are often more affordable for small businesses than SEO software packages.
SEO services providers allow customers to optimize their website without the need to purchase an SEO tool

SEO Powersuit rates 92 points, price $0 / month and up. This SEO software will improve rankings and outrank competition. Just turn it on and power it up. Use the powersuit to research keywords, optimize websites, improve content and manage backlink campaigns, you name it, this software does it. SEO Powersuit is also a real treasure for those who want to improve on site or offsite optimization. With this being a desktop application you can even work with it without an internet connection, and the free version never expires. It is an incredibly compelling SEO software that comes without the shortages others have. Note that their brand new update to SEO SpyGlass allows you to discover fresh backlinks quicker than before. Since the software is hosted locally you will find that it performs faster than any of the cloud based SEO tools.

The most popular SEO software options have the most inclusive products.
SEO software options have begun bundling more tools

DebbySEO will assist you in finding the best SEO software for your business. We have the best SEO for your website and we offer premium reviews of SEO software tools so you can make a reliable choice as of who to trust. DebbySEO has been using SEO software since Google incorporated. We have spend a lot of time and money on testing so you don’t have to, and we know exactly which company to use and who to avoid.

Content marketers and content creators both use SEO software
SEO experts, bloggers, webmasters and digital marketers all use SEO software to reduce workload

In addition to SEO software and reviews we also offer affordable SEO services, if you are interested in a site audit please contact us and include your website and email address. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Market your website locally
Local marketing software provides tools to help with listings in local directories and search engines

SEO software companies and agencies frequently use white label software tools. At DebbySEO we do not use third party services or products, all software used by us has been directly developed for our business.

Additional software functionality
Supplementary SEO configurations

If you decide to give our company a try than we will research your competitors and grow your search traffic with our powerful SEO software bundle that allows us to monitor your niche market. Our web based solutions provide search engine optimization analytic reporting, rank tracking and backlink analysis.

SEO software must be updated frequently to avoid outdated tools
Failure to update SEO software frequently causes SEO tools to become outdated

We are up to date with all SEO software currently available on the internet and we make every reasonable effort to notify you in case of potential issues with any of the SEO software services. If you have used any of the service mentioned above and you were not satisfied or you have a complaint, please let us know.

Software and Services related to SEO Tools
SEO service providers use white label SEO software to provide customized reports to their clients

Thank you for using DebbySEO as your number one source for trusted SEO software and reviews.

PS: Are you looking for affordable SEO services? Give DebbySEO a try. We provide affordable no contract SEO.

Published by Debby Winter

I will accompany you with the creation of a successful and well-ranking website that is deeply meaningful and exquisite on all levels. Learn SEO marketing with free tools, SEO optimization and software reviews. Offering affordable SEO services for small business in San Francisco, California, and at an international level.

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