Review – Details, Features, Price, Comparisons

Are you currently using SEO optimization or SEO marketing software to help you find email addresses of a company, a professional, or in order to verify email addresses? If the answer is no than you will find the software useful in your quest for success. Hunter helps you find and verify email addresses from domains and companies.

There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messages work. helps you make new connections. There can be a variety of reasons for you wanting to contact a website owner. For example, if you are running a link building campaign, or if you are selling b2b products.

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Details & Features

If the person you wish to contact has a blog than it is usually easy to get in touch, but when dealing with a bigger company, your prospect may be harder to find. takes the guesswork out of targeting the right person. And the functionality provided for is not included in software solutions such as Ahrefs, SEMRush or SE Rankings.

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.

An email can make or break an opportunity for you, so send and respond to them wisely, and more importantly, send them to the right people. Hunter’s email finder is all you need to connect with any professional. I was so delighted with their web based software, that after trying the free email tool I decided to go ahead and upgrade to premium.


Hunter pricing pricing

When using the paid Hunter software you can find email addresses in bulk by uploading your file to the desktop. They also offer an API which allows for easy software integration. Hunter offers a Firefox add-on and a Google sheets add-on, prices range from $0 to $399 / month. This is a great lead generation tool that is worth every penny.

Email: It’s quicker, cleaner, and involves less licking.

I purchased the $49 starter plan which gained me various new customers for my SEO company, responsible for over $1000 in sales altogether. As you can imagine I am very satisfied with the ROI.

What I really liked about hunter are their email templates that notify you when a prospect opens, reads or clicks on a link within an email. You can create multiple email campaigns each with a focus of your choice. alternatives

There are many different software applications that will help you find leads by searching for contact information. One of the best known software solutions besides is, an email finder to that helps find emails associated to registered domain names.

Both Hunter and are excellent tools for cold email campaigns. Cold emailing is sending emails to prospects you did not have contact with. Since cold calls are more invasive and have proven to cause more annoyance, cold emailing has a better chance of generating new sales.

Email is the way of the past, present and future.

Both software solutions offer 7-tier verification methods, prospect management and campaign analytics. You can check for gibberish emails, domain existence, smtp authentication, freemail, and common mistakes such as character misplacement.

Snov is cheaper than hunter $199 vs. Snov $129

Manage your prospects with pipdrive integration, zapier, CVS, Google Sheets or XLSX. Both and are able to offer high quality databases because of contact results reverification.

With in just a one week time I send out 200 emails with an opening rate of over 82%. If you are looking to automate but you don’t want to lose that personal touch then Snov is the perfect solution.


Both are great web based software solutions, but Snov is less expensive, and it provides more functionality. If you like to use Snov you can book a free demo by contacting customer support. Hunter also offers free demos so you can decide for yourself. Please let us know what you think!

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