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10 Ballet Videos with SEO Scores You Will Like

Even if you don’t like ballet you are likely to enjoy the videos below!! At DebbySEO we provide SEO for dance studios, but not everyone spends time or money on SEO, and often this makes the difference between being seen or remaining in the shadows. As a way to raise awareness I have rated a variety of beautiful ballet videos based on their SEO scores.

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In the video below you can appreciate 17 Year old Carolyne Galvao, an extremely talented ballet dancer who has won many prices. Unfortunately nobody took the time to optimize her YouTube videos. There is room for tag and description improvements, and end screens should be added to the mix. SEO score 5/10. I do love the video it’s a shiny gem!

Below a great video with beautiful choreography and film, Audrey Case is so strong and her dance is so powerful she is truly incredible. As much as SEO is concerned, the description could be better and the end screens are missing. SEO score 7/10

This dance is hypnotizing, weird and simply amazing, during the second part the dancers seem to defy the laws of gravity. 2:57 is so expressive, this is a dance reel of Meng-ke Wu she’s from Taiwan. The title, description, tags and end screens are either missing or not optimized. YouTube SEO is simple, but you do have to take care of it in order to get the full amount of traffic you deserve. SEO score: 6/10

VAVA is one of my favorite dance videos. If a video comes up as unavailable you can press the “Control” button while clicking the “Watch on YouTube” link and the video will open in a new window. Personally I love the video below, it’s so wild and crazy. I know many of you will say I’m out of my mind but what can I say? You can’t argue about taste. SEO score 8.5/10

Royal ballet first artist Joseph Sissens performs an extract from Charlotte Edmonds “jojo” the first dance performance in the Royal Opera House’s redesigned Linbury Theatre. What a fluid movements and lyrical beauty! SEO score 9/10

Even if you’re not a big fan of Billie Eillish you will likely be able to appreciate this video. Remember if the video doesn’t open press Cntrl and click on the “Watch in YouTube” link for it to open in a new window. This video was made by Tim Milgram, a director and cinematographer with a choreography and dance background based out of Los Angeles. SEO score 9.5/10

The video below was uploaded in 2013 and only received 7 likes since!! I actually like the video a lot but no comments were made at all. One wonders how that is possible? Bad SEO is the answer. SEO score 1/10

A contemporary French dance production by the famous choreographer Sabrina Lonis. This video was made during the 2017 summer dance camp. It received a lot of likes, but it could have counted many more if they had chosen a more popular song, and if they would have spelled the title right in the credits. Small details that make a big difference. SEO score 7/10

Kenzo is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. This is a commercial for their new perfume, but also a spectacular dance video. The video closely represents their image, it is daring, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colorful. This video was uploaded in 2017 and it received a little over 4k likes. This could have been much more if the SEO had been taken care of more carefully. SEO score 6/10

Another beautiful video which is well SEO optimized and which has both quality dance and film. I can only give positive praise. SEO score 9/10

This is so cute, performed by Yuka Ebihara and Kristof Szabo from the Polish national ballet. I love the way they interact and the dance is so expressive that the song just sticks in my head, it’s a very catchy tune. SEO score 8/10

BONUS: Beginner ballet for older people, fun(ny)!

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With love, Debby Winter

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