SEO for Search Engines You May Not Know

It is true, more and more people value their privacy when using search engines. It seems as if they finally start to understand what the consequences of datamining can imply. As a result of this understanding people are moving away from search giants like Google. This is confirmed by a spike in search queries on search engines like Netscape (now AOL), Myspace, Startpage and others. The fact that people move away from search giants also implies that you may need to adjust your SEO strategy and target different search engines instead. Some younger people may not even remember oldies like Netscape and AOL, but back in the days these companies were HUGE. And then there are newcomers like Startpage and Duckduckgo which both claim to offer complete privacy.

Search Engine Optimization for different search engines
Affordable SEO Services for different Search Engines

What could possibly go wrong with so much datamining going on? Well, we can easily be influenced as they know what we like and how we react. Maybe we are we being set up to vote for a certain president during the next elections based on our preferences? We all know who the major players are in the search engine industry, but do you feel that the data you are provided with is biased? It might be indeed, from filtering out “undesirable” results to censoring “inconvenient” opinions and so called “customized” user results, sometimes it’s good to take a moment to wonder about where all this is going.

So is it worth focusing part of your SEO campaign on other search engines such as Lycos, Hotbot, Dogpile and others in order to get better rankings and to prevent the loss of traffic? Judge for yourself. Below I have listed some Search Engines you may not usually use or even be aware of. I have sorted them based on SEO related search terms. You can try them to see if your website shows up, and compare the results with the search engines you normally use in order to see how they differ and which you prefer.

10 SEO Search Engines

Below I have listed 10 search engines based on SEO related queries. Web, news, images, videos, software, tutorials, maps, more.

Lycos: top 10 best free seo tools, Seo keywords, google free seo tools online, white label feature, instantly improve your google ranking, all-in-one Seo tool, how to do seo, seo wiki

Startpage: Seo keyword tool – anonymous view, Google adwords keyword tool, where can I find cheap and affordable SEO tools? Keyword position tracking, SEO marketing plan, online website audit

AolSearch: What are SEO tools? Google free SEO tools, plagiarism checker, small SEO tools, seo checker, search engine optimization tools, what are seo tools for websites?

Dogpile: Best SEO software, free search engine optimization software, best seo software tools, ranking and reviews of best SEO software, what is seo, how to do seo, latest SEO techniques 2020, best affordable seo tools every startup needs.

Webcrawler Free SEO audit, link builder, get more backlinks, buy cheap seo tools, seo analysis, check your website’s SEO, best free website seo audit tool, seo score calculator, small seo tools, search engine optimization check list

Everyclick Getting started with SEO, SEO ranking online, free tools and software, site audit, onsite seo, offsite search engine optimization, seo link builder, free seo research tools, semrush, searchengineland

Mojeek Free SEO services, seo site checkup, seo ranking checker, link builder, onsite seo checklist, seo keywords, seo and sem, best practices 2020, copywriting business, seo digital marketing, seo agency, youtube seo, seo for e-commerce

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4Search why you need digital PR in your SEO strategy, SEO works, free SEO reports, website audits, link building tools, seo for worpress, youtube seo, seo wiki, godaddy seo, best free seo backlink tool, seo for dummies, seo for small business

Affordable SEO Services
SEO Services

10 SEO Questions

1) Are you happy with the SEO for your website? Yes, SEO is a dynamic field which is fast paced and always changing. I like the challenge of adapting websites to new algorithm changes.

2) How do you ensure that you do not work with outdated information? I closely monitor all the websites I work on, and I am subscribed to a variety of websites that provide me with frequent updates on SEO. It is crucial to stay well informed and to learn continuously in order to stay on top of your game.

3) Do you think you know about everything there is to know about SEO? Because of the frequent algorithm updates there is always something new to learn. I know a lot as I have many years of experience with SEO and a large part is simply common sense, but I do think that SEO in 2020 is going to be more complex than ever.

4) What do you think of companies that are offering cheap SEO services? SEO takes a lot of time and work, as such I don’t think it can ever be cheap. It can however be affordable: the fact that many companies successfully use SEO to drive their traffic and obtain their leads is proof of this. You should keep in mind that it takes a lot more than just a few links and keywords in order to obtain more visibility in the major search engines.

5) Do you think content is still kind? Yes, if the content quality is poor, SEO will not be effective. Google measures retention rates which indicate whether or not the visitors have a pleasant experience. This is further analyzed by checking leads and revenue generated from adsense. Since Google analytics is integrated in almost every website they have a lot of comparative material from similar content websites.

6) Do you make use of SEO software and tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush? I do, they come out handy when in need of website audits for clients and in order to check on keywords and backlinks. I do think that it is mainly for convenience, if you take the time you can research a lot of data without a tool or software, it’s just not as precise.

7) What is the key to ranking number one on Google? A blend of awesomeness, page-speed and optimized content, and in that order.

8) What kind of pages do the search engines like to see? Quality blog posts that use highly targeted keywords like this post do very well for a variety of reasons. For one people spend more time on the page because they are reading everything, and are taking the time to interact by commenting. Second, the bounce rate is low and page-speed is high. The mobile phone version is also optimized and up to speed. These are all factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the SEO score.

9) Don’t you find it hard to rank number 1 on Google now there are so many websites and blogs on the internet? It depends, you have to be smart about ranking in Google. By researching your competitors content you can discover so called “golden keywords” that have average search volume, but a high click-though rate for your audience.

10) Any tips for the people out there who want to optimize their website? Make a checklist and stick to it. SEO may seem like a lot of work, but if you spend one hour daily it will make a world of difference. Select keywords that line up with your business intent and use them in your titles and throughout the content of your site. Always stay focused on building a high-quality website with warm and inviting content.

Top 3 posts about SEO

SEO for dance studios Simple SEO tips for dance studio websites. Learn how to SEO your youtube dance videos. All about website design and marketing for dance studios and schools. Get your dance studio ranked higher in Google.

Best SEO Software Ranking and reviews of best SEO software with 2020 Reviews and Comparison. Search engine optimization tools and software for small business. All-in-One SEO Software Powersuites. These software can be used for both on-page and off-page analysis.

Youtube video builder available for beta access Video creation is fast, easy and free with YouTube video builder. YouTube SEO: How to rank YouTube videos in 2020. Learn tactics for gaining top results, tips and tricks on how to rank #1 in Google.

If you have an SEO or digital marketing related site feel free to:

1) Copy this post and link to this location (I will link back upon pingback)

2) Change the search engine queries to keywords relevant to your niche

3) Answer the questions and change topics if needed

4) Provide links to the top 3 posts on your blog

5) Invite 10 or more bloggers with similar content sites

Let’s start a link party to keep the juice flowing! Warm Regards, Debby Winter

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  1. This was really interesting, I like SEO but I didn’t even knew most of these search engines existed.


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