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A Guide to Bing SEO

When thinking about SEO the first search engine that pops up in our mind is Google, but what about the others? Bing SEO is simple. More and more new computers come with browsers that have Bing set as the default search engine. Bing targets a completely different audience than Google which makes it a perfect target for obtaining qualified leads. In this guide I will tell you everything you need to know in order to optimize your website for Bing. Whether you have a lot of experience, or you are new at SEO, you are likely able to score good results if you follow the rules and use the checklist below.

a guide to Bing SEO
Bing SEO Guide

Rule 1: Focus on a set of fixed keywords

When optimizing your website for a listing in Bing you want to focus all your attention on a set of fixed keywords. This means taking the time to do some keyword research first in order to see how many search queries there are, spying on competitors and see how they are doing, and making a plan on how to use the keywords in the content and stick to your plan.

For example: If you have an Digital Marketing related business you may want to focus on a search query like “Digital Marketing + geographic location”, think of combinations such as “Digital Marketing San Francisco”, “Digital Marketing Miami” and “Digital Marketing New York”. Watering down the possibilities by adding your location is an effective way to obtain qualified leads from businesses in your area. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on SEO you can pinpoint your targeted audience even more by adding keywords like “cheap”, “affordable”, “best” etc.

Using the Bing Search Engine
Searching Bing

Rule 2: Use Bing Webmaster Tools

You may already be used to Google Analytics, but Bing Webmaster Tools is actually a thing, and Bing does like it when you use it. Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service as part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine which offers you insight on where your traffic is coming from, how many traffic you get, landing pages, diagnostic tools so you can see what people are searching for, reporting tools so you will understand what to focus on in order to increase traffic and notification right to your inbox.

While I’ve heard people say that they like Google Analytics better than Bing Webmaster Tools, it cannot hurt to integrate the Bing code, which is easy and quick to do if you use WordPress as CMS. For those with a html website it will take somewhat longer as a modification of each page is required for Bing Webmaster Tools to function properly.

Rule 3: Use Keywords in the URL Slug

Bing is a lot more sensitive for keywords in the URL than Google is, so you must ensure that all important keywords for the page are included in your slug. For example if you are writing a page about digital marketing in San Francisco then you want to the slug to look something like this: https: // .

Note that while it is important to include your keywords in the slug if you want to rank high in Bing, you should never stuff keywords in the URL or throughout the article. Some webmasters will say that you should avoid using the keywords too often, and it may take a while before you find the right proprietary blend for you website.

On the phone with Bill Gates
Calling Microsoft

Rule 4: Use Original Images

When it comes to images you HAVE to be original in order to get ranked high in Bing. This is true for any search engine, no matter whether you are using photos or graphical designs, so make sure that both your textual and graphical content are original.

There are plenty of websites offering cheap (and expensive) stock photos, and you can even find free stock photos on sites such as Bing loves photos, but the truth is that while stock photos may not do damage your rankings, they won’t help either because they are used by 10’s if not 100’s of other webmasters. All your content HAS to be original. It is a fact that low quality original images work much better than using professional stock photos, so don’t be afraid to use your cell phone next time you need an snapshot.

Rule 5: Use Word Combinations Nobody Else Uses

If you really want to get Bing’s attention you have to stand out from the other websites on the internet, and the perfect way to do that besides from creating a unique story with unique images is by using word combinations nobody else on the web has used. A good way to find unique word combinations is to simply open your thesaurus and replace common words you use with more complicated less common words.

For example when I talk about nefarious webmaster this is a lot more unique to Bing than when I talk about bad webmaster, and the same goes for say heinous SEO tricks and opprobrious link building campaigns. Don’t overdo it or it will look weird, but substituting common words with lesser known synonyms throughout your content will definitely fall into taste when optimizing for Bing.

SEO Guide for Bing
White-hat SEO

Rule 6: Your Domain Matters

When you submit your website to Bing the first thing Bing does is check your domain name. Bing will check for history factors such as age, previous penalties and who registered the domain and where this was done. For example it will be harder to get to the top of Bing outside the region where you registered. So if you are targeting a US market but you live outside of the United States, you want to use a US company that offers anonymous registration, so they will place their US address on the registration instead of yours.

About previous penalties, if you purchased a preexisting domain than a previous penalty from Bing may ruin your online business. Before buying an already registered domain name you should always check whether or not the domain has been blacklisted in search engines or on email blacklists. If you register a “new” domain than the registration was interrupted and a new registrant shows up in the registry, in this case previous penalties are generally not an issue to worry about.

Rule 7: Internal and External Links Matter

I know of many blogger who spend a great deal of time on creating valuable content which is really great, but they neglect to hotlink articles and to link to authority sites on a resource page within their site. The link text you use for linking the pages of your website together have a huge impact on your ranking. If you have a digital marketing business and you place a link to an article about digital marketing on every page of your website, using a link with the link text digital marketing, you are likely to obtain a ranking for digital marketing on Bing.

How high you end up ranking for the search term digital marketing on Bing depends on the quality of your content, whether or not you are pointing outgoing links to topic related authority sites, and on the amount of links that are pointing to your website from other content related websites.

Bing SEO Tips
SEO tips

Rule 8: Link Building

Bing will rank your website higher in their SERPs if there are many links from content related websites pointing to yours. It is beneficial that those links come from quality websites and that they are surrounded by content that concerns the same topics your site is about.

One of the best ways to create quality links to your website is by writing a guest posts on a content related website. Some webmasters will charge for guest posts while others don’t. A guest post will not only get a link to your website from within the content you are looking for, but it can also be a perpetual source of traffic that you will secure just because the blog itself sends you traffic. Bing seems to add considerable value to this kind of link placements.

Rule 9: Meta Tags

Proper meta tags help optimize your content for Bing. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress than it is likely that the metatags are automatically added for you. In case of WordPress there are a variety of free and premium plugins that allow you to fill out specific tags to your liking. For example the description tag is very important as it is often used to fill the content below the title in the search engines. By default WordPress will simply rip the first lines of your site and use this. Besides from not always causing gilt-edge click-through rates, it can also cause duplicate content alerts.

You may also wish to keep an eye on the robot meta tags, this tag indicates whether links on a page should be followed and whether or not the page in question should be indexed. For example, you may wish to exclude zombie pages such as those created for tags and categories. While these pages come out handy for navigation, they are not en masse helpful when indexed in Bing. So follow the links but don’t index the pages. Plugins like Yoast will allow you to modify all the required details and keep your site properly optimized.

Rule 10: Regular Updates

Bing likes it when your website is regularly updated, and you will notice that they update their search results quiet frequently as well. If you are a blogger than updates probably come natural to you, but if you have an informational html page this may not be the case. Try to make the necessary changes and spend some time weekly or daily to add more pictures or text to your site. It helps when touching topics that are currently hot so that Bing knows that your website is still alive and kicking!

I hope the tips in this guide to Bing SEO have been useful. If you need original articles written for your blog, or you don’t have time to write your own guest posts, do not hesitate to contact us. DebbySEO offers guest post writing and SEO optimized content writing services starting at only $15 dollars a post. For more information contact

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