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Welcome to another post with the best video selections on the web, all YouTube videos have been selected for quality, entertainment and SEO scores. YouTube video SEO is easy and we will show you the EXACT process from link building to YouTube keyword research. All videos are rated 1 to 100 based on SEO.

The video below might make you feel like you just fell down the rabbit hole and ended up on YouTube. The video is well optimized, has proper tags added, and had a huge amount of exposure and likes, especially taken into consideration that it is not in English language

SEO score 95/100

Looking at the next video makes me so happy I want to get up and dance! Electro swing or #neoswing is such a cool genre I don’t understand how anyone can ignore this. There are lots of links pointing to this video, the video tags were properly added, and she targeted low competition keywords which got her a step ahead of the other.

SEO Score 92/100

You may say you don’t even want to hear the next video because you’ve heard Beethoven’s 5th so often that you are sick of it, but the guy on the guitar has huge talent. He has rewritten this piece for guitar in such a way that it requires admiration. Don’t skip this one you will be amazed.

SEO Score 91/100

The video below is awesome, it has 84 millions views so you have likely seen it, but you may feel too cool to search for it. This is why I have posted it below so you can tell to your family and friends that I recommended it to you instead. It’s a Russian song and the English translation goes something like: “I’ve come to bring this song, from the world of dreams”, and those lines just keep on repeating themselves.

SEO Score: 98/100

The next video is so Indian when I pressed play my computer automatically fixed itself. This song has everything done right, SEO marketing they didn’t fail a single process and the song was even used in a meme that made it around the internet. 1.5 billion views and 1.9 million likes, that’s amazing who in his right mind would have ever though that?

SEO Score 99/100

That red hair, this is a dance where a guy thinks he’s gonna get laid, but ends up being sacrificed to some mother goddess. This would have been a good video to add to my list of ballet songs but I only recently ran in to it so I figured show casing here would be more appropriate. As much as SEO is concerned the score is near perfect, and you can tell by the amount of likes and views for this video.

SEO Score 97/100

If you don’t know the song Ponponpon the next video may still be enjoyable, even though you may not get the full thrill off of it. Ponponpon is a Japanese song that was super popular about 8 years ago, it is one of those feel-good songs about everyone holding hands, looking up to the sky, putting on your headphones and riding on the rhythms. The video below was properly SE0 optimized and received 3.4 million views since 2014. The trick has been to rank the video not only on top of YouTube search, but also on Google search.

SEO Score 96/100

Another electro-swing dance video, I particularly like this kind of music and dance because it emits good vibrations. SEO has been done right, user accounts have been linked, and the video on top both in YouTube Search and Google Search.

SEO Score 97/100

A wondrous Finnish video with not so good SEO but a high quality performance and a catchy tune. Great for playing at home while the world is fighting the coronavirus. Some songs, like this one, are just really good so important websites will link to it and the video will still make it to the number 1 pages of Google and Youtube.

SEO Score 78/100

Below the four Irish girls dancing, simple but fun. In general Google uses reviews, tutorials and “how-to” videos in search engine ranking pages (SERPs) so this video would have probably ranked better if the title had been something along the lines of: “How to do an Irish witch dance”, but since no instructions are provided this would have been cheating and that could come back to bite you. The video received a lot of backlinks and was filtered out by YouTube as a video people enjoy so a lot of people have seen it since it was first posted back in 2014.

SEO Score 85/100

And below the perfect expression of bliss and happiness. As much as SEO concerned, it seems like they analyzed the keyword ideas section and payed attention to factors such as search volume, commercial intent and organic SEO competition. They even repeated keywords in the about section of their YouTube account which is a good strategy if you wish to increase keyword relevance and drive more visitors to your channel.

SEO Score 94/100

Thanks for watching ’till the end, if you need help with your YouTube Videos just give me a call, questions are free! On this website you will find all the information on SEO you need, including YouTube SEO for specific niche markets, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Which video did you like best?

Best Regards, Debby Winter

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