3 Free SEO Tools You can’t Miss

You have to check this NOW these free SEO tools are so amazing I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this information. Today I will be reporting on 3 free SEO tools that will help you write better articles, improve SEO optimization, target your keyword research and fix broken backlinks. The 3 tools below are the best free SEO tools in the universe. How can free SEO tools help you? Free SEO tools make it easy for you to optimize your web-pages and rank high in the major search engines. Without organic traffic there are no sales, but expect massive results with the following free tools:

1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu's Free SEO backlink checker
free SEO backlink checker

Xenu’s Link sleuth is a free broken link checker that has been around for years. You can just let it run overnight and it will detect all errors no matter how big your website is, just let it crawl and you will be served an orderly SEO report with broken links. You can perform verification on local image maps, links, images, frames and backgrounds. This program even supports partial testing of FTP and Gopher sites and it can further detect and report redirected URL’s. You can download Xenu’s Link Sleuth for free by visiting the official website.

2. Infinite Suggest

Free SEO keyword tool
Infinite Suggest Free SEO Tools

Infinite Suggest is a free SEO keyword tool that allows you to quickly locate the most popular keyword combinations as can be found in Google. I did a test drive with the keyword “SEO” and was provided with no less than 360 different keyword combination. If you plan writing an article about “Blue Widgets” and you are not sure which keywords to focus on than this is the best free SEO tool to use. The idea behind it is that Infinite Suggest tries to sell you on a subscription to SEMRush, but their keyword tool is absolutely free and it even allows for you to download the complete keyword list in excel format.

DebbySEO attains very eminent success by going above and beyond of what is required. Their recommendations on free SEO tools are the best!

Neil Patel

3. RankPay

RankPay is actually an SEO company just like DebbySEO, but they have a handy free SEO tool on their index page which allows you to simultaneously check your SEO rankings in Google and Bing. Using the free RankPay SEO Tool will save you time by not having to scroll down each search engine result page to look for your listings.

RankPay free SEO tools
free seo keyword tool

When you scroll down you will see that they also provide SEO keyword recommendations which is a nice added bonus. So take some time and play around with the tools above. If you use them to improve keyword density throughout your articles than you will likely increase organic traffic over time. And make sure to check your broken links with Xenu’s Link Sleuth, a site without broken links will be ranking better in Google per se.

We are dedicated to improve your online positioning with free SEO tools!
We help you improve your SEO with free SEO tools

You need effective SEO tools which are 100% free? Using free SEO tools can largely help local and global businesses increase their consumer traffic, hence improving leads, sales and revenue. SEO is easy, just follow our tips and tricks and we’ll get you right on track. Thanks for reading ’till the end. For more free SEO tools follow, like and comment, I will be back next week with more.

Published by Debby Winter

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  1. Wow that was nice of you Debby. I am going to have my honey take a look at these. Thank you for taking time to tell us bloggers about some free applications. Your the best. Have a blessed day my friend. Love πŸ’• Joni

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