Webmasters have a Soul – a short story

As you may know I am kind to all kinds of webmasters, not just to SEO experts. Give webmasters a chance I always say. Go SEO! That’s what the Google guy said to the Bing princess when she walked in his room and asked if she could borrow his laptop. No, said the Google guy, you just want to talk to those nerdy webmasters about search engine optimization. Listen, she said, it is important to remember that webmasters have a soul, don’t throw them in a hole once they’re done with your SEO campaign.

If you're going to San Francisco make sure to visit DebbySEO
If you’re going make sure to visit DebbySEO

A webmaster doesn’t weep over a metatag said the Google guy in a soft voice. The Bing princess looked directly into his eyes. Spend time with people who are good for your website, she replied. Overcoming bad search engine rankings is what makes life meaningful.

Try to be the inspiration for someones website, said she. Be like Henry Powderly and Ginny Marvin from SearchEngineLand. These people are like friends you can’t get rid off. Whatever you do they are always there, on top of the Google SERPs.

Make your webmaster happy with proper SEO
Make your webmaster happy!

So that’s what you recommend, creating a fan site and selling t-shirts and other paraphernalia? If you ask me the truth, it may work, but it is not very ambitious. I would much rather help the next Steve Jobs grow an empire!

SEO, the SERPs, and Google render men geeky. They develop the weird, but yet do not destroy the expert. And when they need a break, they will simply visit the datacenter. Google’s datacenter is where SEO experts go to lick their wounds. I wish someone would make a movie about it and upload it to YouTube.

Enable good rankings, don't destroy them.
Be a good webmaster, practice SEO

Now there’s an idea said the Google guy, we could make movies and sell access on members-only sites, this is how a lot of money is made online. Or, we could start our own search engine and cater to advertisers. But whatever we do it has to be our own. The website of another is a dark forest.

Well said! said the Bing princess in a high-pitched voice. If you love your work you will be more beautiful than before! We all have SEO on our minds. Websites unexplored, unending. Each of us gets lost in Google, every day, alone.

Choose SEO, Every Website Counts!
Be wise, optimize your website

How beautiful your words are! said the Google guy. I love Google, but never go roaming in the deep parts of the web, for there are many dangers there, both dark and bright, and they will ensnare your soul!

The End.

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