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Sporty Faetons for the Cool SEO Expert

Everybody knows that the SEO expert with a little bit of self respect will arrive in style, so I have selected 15 cool faetons that were in fashion way back in the days when Virginia Woolf was in her 20’s. This open, four-wheeled, doorless horse-drawn carriage was the preferred selection of young men, and it has more recently become a hot item among webmasters.

Faetons are popular among SEO experts mostly because of their extravagantly large wheels. As of where the word faeton comes from; in Greek mythology Phaeton was known as the God of the Star, and after his death, he was placed among the stars as the constellation Auriga (the Charioteer). The name translates as “The Bright One” or “The Radiant One” which has been derived from the Greek word phaethon which means “to shine”.

If you were gifted one of the faetons above, which number would you choose?

So what is more cool than an SEO expert riding a faeton you may ask? Or what to do if you live in an apartment complex or a flat and you don’t have space for horses? The solution is simple: The Electric Phaeton!

Isn’t it incredible that in the year 1910, one-hundred-and-ten years ago, the US and Europe was filled with electric cars that could run as much as 1000 miles on a single charge! Why did they ever switch to gasoline?

SEO experts love this electric faeton
Cool car for SEO experts

Below the 1902 Studebaker Electric Victoria Phaeton, one of the first electric carriages.

OK this one may not be THAT cool but it was made almost 120 years ago!
The most beautiful way to transport an SEO expert is in an electric Victoria Phaeton

Above is what the Electric Victoria Phaeton looked like in 1906, four years later. Pretty cool huh?

This car makes every SEO expert look like a winner!

The one above is sweet! And so much more aesthetically pleasing than a golf cart.. Cool rims dude!

Because every SEO expert needs a chauffeur!
I imagine my chauffeur to look like one of these gentlemen above

Obviously my chauffeur would have to dress up in Edwardian Clothing, after all, elegance and over-the-top opulence is never a bad thing when presented with style.

Too old-fashioned for you?

You will the coolest SEO expert with this hot-rod phaeton
SEO Expert’s favorite hybrid

You can always settle for this hybrid hot-rod phaeton. And don’t forget to take your mother for a ride on this special afternoon. Happy Mothers Day!

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