SerpStat, a FREE Web Based SEO Tool for SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Today’s selection for our free SEO tools section is an awesome web based SEO software application that has been gaining traction among those familiar with the SEO industry. This amazingly useful and free tool is called Serpstat and will provide you with on-the-fly keyword suggestions that you can use to find high volume search queries appropriate for targeting.

Use this free growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing.

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What exactly is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a complete SERP research tool that provides advanced analytics and historical data. Serpstat provides insides into traffic distribution among domains, and it makes it easy for you to monitor market share fluctuations.

Backlink analysis

Use Serpstat to keep track of your competitors backlink strategies and access the Serpstat database containing data on backlinks collected over the past 2 years. You can find pages that attract the most links and get quality scores of referring domains.

SEO marketing provides for more traffic and better results
The more traffic you get, the better results you generate!

Keyword Research

Serpstat offer insight on search questions in a similar way this is provided by AnswerThePublic’s free tool, the only difference is the presentation. Get in-depth URL analysis, find related keyword and apply adaptable filters. Serpstat also offers tree-view keyword distribution.

Audit your Site

The Serpstat site audit tools will detect critical errors, give information about SEO (domain optimization score), and provide a history to compare your data with. It will additionally indicate issues that need to be fixed or optimized.

Make more money with Serpsta
Make more money with Serpstat

Research Competitors

I really like Serpstat’s cool competitors graphs, it allows you to analyze all of your competitors online both in the SERPs and in paid results. Additionally you can identify niche leaders based on Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, Google Plus shares and potential traffic.

Follow your competitors visibility and keyword trends, get a keyword map of your competitors websites and monitor their progress over time. Serpstat gives you all the tools required for proper SEO analysis.

Free Version

The free version of Serpstat allows you to search the Google and Yandex servers in many different countries. Just select the keywords you want more information on, and then select the server of your preference in order to research the keywords of your choice.

keyword research overview

As you can see above I searched for the term SEO marketing and it returns information on volume, competition, the amount of money I would be paying if I bid on this keyword in ads, and the keyword difficulty which is based on an evaluation of the competition.

related organic keywords
related organic keywords

It returned a list with over four thousand related organic keywords sorted by volume. As you can see the average click price when bidding on these keywords is pretty steep, this is one of the reasons that there is so much competition in this niche.

cost per click and volume of paid marketing keywords
paid keywords volume and cost per click

There are 57 paid long tail keywords people are bidding on, “lawyer SEO marketing” being valued at almost US$67 !! I guess if you charge around $5000 / month for your SEO optimization campaigns then it could be worth the gamble.

US advertisers for "SEO Marketing" keyword selection
Advertisers for the keywords “SEO Marketing”

I am also provided with a detailed list of current advertisers active in different countries including the U.S. Here I could confirm that there are indeed marketers who pay $67 dollars for a single click.

All links are clickable so you can easily compare competitors and spy on how they are converting leads into customers. You can also spot advertisers who pay for placements over longer periods of time which indicates that they are making profits.

Search Questions

The Serpstat search question section is best used in combination with the free AnswerThePublic SEO tool as it will give you a better idea of how to best focus your content writing.

Frequently asked search question queries

For example: you can see in the graph above that most people ask “why” questions, meaning that it likely pays off to focus on those questions more than on the others.

How do Serpstat Search Questions compare to AnswerThePublic Questions?

Serpstat Search Questions provides for a large amount of questions that people are looking for in search engines. For the search term “Marketing SEO” it provided no less than 49 “what” questions, 38 “how” questions, 18 “does” questions and so on (see graph above). This is in excess of the search questions provided by Answer the Public.

SEO Marketing Search Questions
SEO Marketing Search Questions

I will be answering the questions in the picture above at the end of this article.

Top by Keyword

When trying to rank for “SEO Marketing” your major competitors are: Moz, Wordstream, SearchEngineLand, ContentMarketingInstitute, WebFx, NeilPatel, DigitalMarketingInstitute, Hubspot, and Lyfemarketing (yes, that’s really the way they spell it).

competitors special blocks in SERP
top by keyword competitors

Check and keep track of the Serpstat track rank, page rank, external backlinks and referring domains. You will also be able to spot whether your competitors have special blocks in search engine result pages.

Special blocks in SERP include video thumbnail, carousel, bottom PPC blocks, related questions, related keywords, knowledge graph, top stories for query and breadcrumbs.

serpstat SEO menu
keyword research & site analysis

10 Questions based on Serpstat Search Questions

Below the questions seen in the image above for the keywords “Marketing SEO”. You can compare the quality of the questions to those provide by Answer the Public for a better understanding of the inner mechanics of both software solutions.

1. What is marketing SEO?

SEO is the most cost-effective way for marketers to promote a product online. SEO is a long term strategy that will drive targeted visitors to your website which makes it easier to convert your leads into life-time customers.

2. How to learn SEO marketing?

Anyone can learn SEO marketing but in order to be successful you need patience and a lot of practice. If you are just getting started make sure to read Google’s webmaster best practices. This is a guide made by Google that is available online for free. It will help you become familiar with the basics such as keyword density, headers, metatags and linkbuilding. Once you master the basics you want to join a webmaster SEO community to fine-tune your skills.

3. What is SEO content marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is a marketing tool used by companies to promote their products on the internet. Online material used to promote products will often include videos, blogs, pictures and posts on social media.

4. How does SEO marketing work?

SEO marketing is different from traditional marketing in that it often makes use of e-books, educational material, webinars that answer specific questions and so on. Products are frequently marketed online without people even being aware that the content they are presented with is intended to generate sales. Think of positive customer reviews and testimonials submitted on review websites created by the marketer for the sole purpose of driving more sales.

5. What are the best marketing SEO tools?

The best marketing SEO tools are the ones that help you generate more targeted organic traffic. There are paid marketing SEO tools and free ones. The best rated SEO marketing tools in 2020 are 1. Serpstat, 2. Yoast SEO, 3. MozBar, 4. Answer the Public, 5. Keywords Everywhere (browser add-on), 6. Google Search Console, 7. Bing Webmaster, 8. GTMetrix, 9. Ubersuggest, 10. Google Trends

6. Why is SEO marketing so expensive?

SEO marketing is actually one of the least expensive marketing strategies when measured in the long run. However, a large element of SEO marketing consists of creating professional content which is labor intensive and which can have a high price tag when working with experts. SEO marketing is also expensive because of an ongoing effort that is usually charged on a month to month basis. If you are dealing with an honest SEO company they will explain to you in detail what they are doing to increase your rankings in the search engines. Steer clear from SEO companies that promise a secret formula. Transparency is important as it will keep you informed of reasonable charges and further ensures that you are protected from unscrupulous businessmen.

7. Are there universities that teach SEO marketing?

Yes there are! 1. The university of California in San Diego taught SEO marketing as an extension course. 2. Georgetown University in the U.S. taught it as a course within a public relations and communications program. 3. City University in London taught SEO marketing within a virtual program, and 4. University of Sydney in Australia taught SEO as a course within a Joomla! framework.

8. Will good SEO marketing make my industry sustainable?

By integrating SEO marketing into PR, web-design, advertising, journalism and MBA courses we are able to create a more realistic long term future for SEO as a profession. There are many different disciplines to which SEO marketing skills apply. By teaching SEO in higher education SEO marketing will appear more professional, which will lead to long term sustainability.

9. Who is the most affordable SEO marketing company?

Whether you live in the U.S. or abroad, DebbySEO is the most affordable SEO marketing company that caters to all your needs. DebbySEO is listed as one of the top 50 best SEO companies in the world and has broad experience in all areas of the search engine industry.

10. Are SEO marketing skills something which you feel is lacking in the industry?

It is clear that there is a real shortage of qualified SEO marketing professionals. Due to the fast-paced nature of the search engine industry knowledge is quickly outdated, meaning experience practitioners are not always great candidates.

5 Reasons Why You Should Register a Free Serpstat Account

1. Serpstat allows you to sign up for a free account which will enable additional features such as a backlink dashboard, referring domains, malicious sites, external links, anchor text in links and more. This will not cost you a penny.

2. With Serpstat you will dramatically increase your insight and as such your capacity to effectively promote your website. You can see what anchor text is used to link to your website (important for SEO, repeated anchor text will increase search engine rankings for these keywords), you will know your competitors so you know what kind of content to target and what avoid, and much more.

3. Serpstat has a lot of free functionality, and even their premium subscription is a lot more affordable than alternatives such as Mozbar, Hrefs and SEMRush.

4. You can get an idea what the pay-per-click (PPC) ads are worth in your niche. This will help you to better understand the value of organic traffic landing on your web pages.

5. Get free access to the domain overview which contains a huge amount of information on organic keywords your site is ranking for, keywords position distribution, top pages and so on.

Make sure to also check out AnswerThePublic, Screaming Frog and 3 free SEO tools reviews. I am sure you will find them interesting. If you liked this post make sure to Like, Share and Comment. . .let me know what you think!!

Use this free growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing.

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