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KeywordSh****r Review – Free SEO Tools

OK I know, this free SEO tool isn’t called Keywords Hitter, the actual name is so unsanitary that I’d rather avoid mentioning it for the sake of not being indexed in Google for that term. You have probably seen expensive SEO tools that promise lists of well ranking keywords. Well, Keyword Sh****r will pull those keywords for you for free. It’s true that this free SEO tool doesn’t list search volume or competitor strength, but a little common sense goes a long way, and it won’t take long to do this research yourself.

Plenty of keyword recommendations

Keyword Sh****r provides a large amount of related keyword combinations, even for very targeted search queries. You can enter your keywords of choice in the blank space and within seconds a list of related keywords will be provided to you.

Below is what happens if you let this free SEO tools run for a few minutes. I stopped the search manually otherwise I would have received even more keyword suggestions, but even so, there were almost ten thousand keyword combinations suggested!

Let’s do some keyword research

Using Keyword Sh****r in Combination with AnswerThePublic

Lets use keywordsh****r in combination with answerthepublic in order to target content people are searching for. It is noteworthy that over 65% of questions in Google get their own snippet, which is beneficial for your organic traffic if you get listed. This makes a tool like AnswerthePublic very valuable. For example, I have an SEO company and I want to write an SEO optimized article for my blog that will attract targeted visitors. Now I will first choose a keyword combination from the list above, and then I visit answerthepublic to research which questions people are looking for online.

AnswerThePublic Questions about Keyword Research
Questions about Keyword Research

As you can see people are searching for questions such as:

How to keyword research for SEO?

Keyword research for SEO is important, and you can simplify keyword research by using free SEO tools such as KeywordSh****r. Just enter the keywords in the fields on their website and you will be provided with a large list of the most popular keywords people are searching for in the search engines.

What is the best free keyword SEO tools?

Up to the time of this writing the best free keyword research tool has been KeywordSh****r. Why? KeywordSh****r is fast and it provides the largest amount of keywords at absolutely no charge. You can even use the tool in combination with other free SEO tools such as serpstat, answerthepublic, woorank and InfiniteSuggest.

Is keyword research still important?

Yes keyword research is very important, this also being the reason why there are so many premium and free keyword research tools on the market. Keyword research has always been important for SEO because choosing the right keywords will determine whether or not you will be successful as a business online.

When to do keyword research?

You should always be aware of the keywords in your niche, so you want to do keyword research as early on as possible. The best time would be to start your keyword research before you start building your website, but even if your website is already made, it is important to do keyword research for the sake of fine tuning your existing web pages, and for knowing on what to focus when writing new articles.

Can you outsource keyword research?

Yes, outsourcing keyword research is possible as it is part of SEO. Any SEO expert will be able to help you. If you don’t have a lot of money or you just want to ask a few questions feel free to drop me a message in the comment section below. I love SEO and keyword research, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have at no charge.

More on Keyword Research Tools

KeySearch keyword research & SEO tool

If you like a more elaborate keyword research tools make sure to check out my KeySearch review. The KeySearch tool helps you find low competition keywords and presents you with SEO reports, live ranking updates and more. It has much more functionality than the KeywordSh****r and it’s a totally different generation software application.

InfiniteSuggest Free Keyword Research Tool

InifiniteSuggest is very similar to Keyword Sh****r in that they both provide a very extensive list of keywords. The only difference between the two is that Keyword Sh****r allows you to download all keywords at once (in Infinite Suggest you have to browse from page to page which is probably to save them resources) and in InfiniteSuggest you can see data provided by the instance count and modifier, something which is unavailable to Keyword Sh****r users.

For more free SEO tools check out these reviews.


Do you spend a lot of time on keyword research?

What is your favorite keyword research software?

Did you learn something from this article that you didn’t know before? What?

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  1. Aren’t free SEO tools awesome? Keyword research doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Also check out this new SEO tool I found today it’s called Soovle. You can find it at and it allows you to either research your own search queries or to list the top internet keywords for this month πŸ˜‰

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