Earn Extra Income Selling T-Shirts Online (working with Dropshippers)

Have you been looking for ways to earn extra income? Many families are struggling right now due to the extended coronavirus quarantine, but everyone still needs t-shirts right? Below I will explain a variety of options that will allow you to generate extra income online selling t-shirts. The only thing you need to get started is a little bit of traffic, some creativity and the willingness to hustle.

Selling T-Shirts Online

10 dropshipping companies that allow you to start your own business
Start your own business selling t-Shirts

You too can sell your own t-shirts online from the convenience of home. You will be able to connect with dropshippers that will take your order, print your t-shirt design and ship the end-product to the customer without you having to move a finger. Most dropshippers are fully compatible with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy and others. This means that your customers can place their orders directly on your site and that the dropshipper will take care of it from there.

Dropshipper Reviews

Since this blog is limited to Digital Marketing and SEO I will provide a link where you can find the full reviews of each of the resources provided in the image above. Just visit the bootstrapping eCommerce blog, they have done a great job reporting on differences in pricing, shipping and providing other details so you can more easily decide which dropshipper best suits your needs.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, just pick a dropshipper that operates in the areas where your visitors reside and setup a free account. You will be provided with instructions on how to register and create your own designs by the dropshippers in question. In case you experience any difficulties with the registration process feel free to leave a message in the comment section below.

How to Market your t-Shirts

Marketing is one of the primary components of business management and eCommerce. If you want to make sales and be prosperous you will need to spend time on marketing and branding. Below I will tell you what you will need to do in order to succeed.


If you are a blogger than you definitely want to offer your t-shirts on your blog, but you don’t want to turn your blog into an online t-shirt store. Setting up a (free) store and asking your subscribers to support your efforts by clicking on a link is usually a better idea. If you do not yet have an online store you can setup an account for free here.

Use a VPS

You may think that a VPN (virtual private network) is mainly for people who like to download torrents or for those who want to make use of services such as Pandora that are not accessible outside of the U.S., but VPN services are also handy for SEO. For example, if you are targeting U.S. customers you will get positioned higher in Google if you have a U.S. IP address, and you will also be able to see how your IP influences your rankings and search results. If you are serious about SEO you can’t do without a VPN.

Ask Friends & Influencers

The easiest way to promote your t-shirts is to ask your friends and favorite influencers if they are willing to lend you a helping hand with your new products. For example try shipping a few over-sized t-shirts to Samantha from The Big Hair Diaries and kindly ask her if she’s willing to take a snapshot… She might just agree, you never know! πŸ˜‰

On Social Media

Social media is probably your biggest opportunity to connect to the public. If you know how to create viral content you can reach over millions of people in a relatively short time. I have created viral posts for clients that reached over one million shares. If you are just getting started then look around what works for others and copy what they are doing. With that I mean make a similar design yourself, obviously you should never copy and paste because social media sites will pick up on that and other people might be bothered. Always keep that original touch and provide for added value!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization aka SEO is more effective than running adsense campaigns in 96% of the cases. SEO however, will only work if you focus on a niche market. When it concerns t-shirts a good niche to focus on is fan sites (be careful with copyrights), sites about historic themes or personalities will always be searched for, or if you feel creative today you could create a hype about something entirely new, check out this timecube website, a site that was created by Gene, wacky on purpose, but it received over 274 million hits. You could be the inventor of the next generation time-cube and make a fortune selling t-shirts.

Tip: There are many authors who have written famous classics but who do not have a website dedicated to their existence. For example, when searching for Oscar Wilde there are almost 100.000.000 results returned, but none of the websites seem to be dedicated to just Oscar Wilde, which means there that is a good opportunity to build an SEO optimized website that has a laser-beam focus on everything Wilde, which will certainly help in ranking on the first page of Google.

And obviously you don’t have to stick to selling t-shirts, if you start an SEO optimized website, a mailing list, or you have grown a social media page you can also sell things like literary postcards, coasters with quotes, earrings, library candles, fridge magnets, novel posters and so on.

Can I Startup a Business Without Starting Capital?

Yes, this is possible. Many people I know have successfully launched a small business from home without a starting capital. They did this by selling (home-made) jewelry, bracelets, clothing and other items that can be easily shipped worldwide without being too high in value to make it past customs.

What Kind of Content Should You Promote?

The best content to promote is content people love and relate to. Just keep in mind that you won’t drive much sales if you focus on publishing photos of t-shirts all day long. Instead, you will need to create content people really enjoy watching, and preferably content that is likely to become viral. When you are posting for a while you will find out what works, and what doesn’t. Stick to content that works (check on other pages to see what content is shared most and produce similar designs), make sure yours is 100% original (never use duplicate content it will not catch traffic), and always keep your posts positive, negativity doesn’t work on social media.

Once you have a decent amount of followers and traffic you want to throw in the occasional t-shirt sales pitch. You will notice that this kind of publications don’t get a whole lot of likes and shares but it will be enough to drive sales and keep you happy. Again, don’t make the mistake thinking that people like watching pictures of your products all day long, this is not the case and a waste of time and effort.

How to Create Beautiful Social Media Post

Using tools such as Photoscape (a free editor) or Canva (a web based tool that allows you to create beautiful designs and professional graphics in seconds) you can easily create amazing images to post to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also like Gimp, this is a free open-source raster graphic editor used for image retouching, free-form drawing, editing and other tasks. Gimp is similar to Photoshop and has pretty much the same functionality.

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