Woorank Review – Free SEO Tools – a must see!

Woorank is an SEO tool intended to take your SEO strategy to the next level! You can sign up for 14-day fully functional free trial. With a premium package you track up to 250 keywords with a keyword tool, crawl up to 10k pages with the Woorank site crawler, and compare your website against 3 competitors. But you can also use Woorank for free, and it will still provide you with a free site audit. Let’s have a closer look.

The free Woorank SEO tools consist of a site audit providing information on on-page SEO, off-site SEO, technical SEO and other secrets from the search engine industry.

If you know a little about SEO than you may have already tried the free Woorank SEO tools. In this article I will tell you what I like about their tools and what I don’t like. So decide for yourself, and if you like the functionality of their free SEO tools you may consider upgrading to a fully equipped SEO suite, which is the perfect match for the true SEO warrior.

First Impression

Simply visit Woorank dot com and enter your domain name to get to the results of the site audit. You will be presented with a short and concise overview of SEO errors, things to improve and tests you have past (or failed). Right below the overview there is a marketing checklist. For my blog I am advised to optimize my meta descriptions (I don’t always write an excerpt in which case WordPress simply grabs the first few lines of your post, not the most effective method as the description appears in the search engines and as such influences how many people will click on it. Properly optimizing your description is wishful for this reason.). Also, it says I should refine my social media marketing based on performance. I may have told you before that I don’t do social media, so they must have picked up on the lack of likes and shares, but I really don’t feel like changing this, traffic from social media is low quality and offers poor conversion rates.

Woorank On-page SEO Tips

Next, we get to the on-page SEO tips. The title tag is usually fine unless you make it too long or you don’t use your keywords in the text which would result in Google not understanding what exactly it is that your website is about.

The meta-description always had a yellow warning pin when I checked my site. It should be green instead… This is because, and I mentioned this already, I don’t always write description excerpts, and by default WordPress grabs a longer slice of meta data than it is supposed to, so consequently it gets flagged for being too long. I don’t think this is very important but who knows, if you are a perfectionist you may want to pay attention to this.

The Woorank site audit report goes on by showing a Google preview, use of headers and eventually you will see a content analysis which is actually pretty cool. Even though I don’t rank for all the keywords they are giving here, they are clear about which direction my site is heading to. Some of the keywords include: Legit white-hat seo optimization, earn extra income, free seo tools, seo optimization software, digital marketing campaigns and other topics I have been writing on. You can see a graphical representation of the content keyword analysis below.

woorank natural language processing shows the keywords your site is targeting
these are the keywords that are going to make you money

Notes: Will AI kill keyword gurus in 2020? SEO can transform your blog views, it’s well worth getting clued up on SEO early and making your blog as SEO friendly as possible. To start with SEO or SEM analysis, the first foremost thing to do is keyword research. By making some simple tweaks to your website’s content, you can optimize your website. It may take some practice but analyzing search terms is actually a lot of fun. Keyword research is the starting point of most search marketing campaigns, as well as essential for SEO and content creation.

The on-page analysis goes on with information on alt-attributes, in-page links, language settings, the way your URL resolves, whether or not your XML sitemaps are present and load correctly, and it will even check on URL parameters, broken links and underscores in URLS.


With phone searches having largely outnumbered desktop search, it is important to ensure that your website or blog loads quickly on smart phones, and that it is easy to navigate. Woorank will gives you all the needed data such as reports on plugins, font size legibility, tap target spacing, and whether or not your content fits within the specified viewport size.

Data Structure

The data structure part of the Woorank reports focuses on your schema.org rating, the open graph protocol and your twitter card. It also reports on microformats designed to help bots such as Google to understand certain information (contact info, coordinates, events etc.) intended for humans.

More Data

The Woorank report provides more information about your site’s security, performance factors such as minification, cachability and compression and technologies which refer to the services running on the server, server uptime with IP and location, analytics, encoding- and doc type. The list goes on with information about branding and domain details.

Affordable SEO Services - Woorank Review
Woorank Reviews for SEO experts

Off-Page SEO

As part of the off-page SEO tactics Woorank reports on the quality and quantity of backlinks. It will also provide some data about your traffic (although very limited) think of traffic estimations, ranking and mobile visits, and then there is a section where you can connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. It will track your reviews posted to local directories (premium version only) and it checks the activity of your social profiles. Since I’m not into social media this entire section was colored in red. While social media can be important with branding, I do not consider to be very useful to drive targeted traffic for online sales. Obviously I do have social media accounts, but I have chosen not to use them for this website.

Other Features

The Woorank keyword research tools and site crawler are only available when opting for a free 14-day trial, but I didn’t feel like submitting my credit card details as I already use other SEO tools for keyword research. As much as keyword research tools are concerned, I am especially fond of KeySearch and Serpstat. If you are like me and you enjoy trying SEO tools than make sure to check them out.

In my next review I will be comparing Woorank vs. Screaming Frog, Woorank vs. Keysearch, Woorank vs. Soovle, and Woorank vs. Serpstat and SEMRush. Make sure to like and subscribe in order to stay up to date with the latest reviews of our free SEO tools collection.

And remember, you can also use the Woorank site audit tool to spy on your competitors. Just enter the URL and you will be able to review all details about their site. If you enjoyed this post please let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to like and share πŸ˜‰

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