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Google SEO Tools Review (**New** Automate Your WordPress SEO Campaign!)

I can’t believe it’s finally available!! And no, it’s not made by Google. Google SEO tools, a complete set of SEO software applications allows you to increase your organic website traffic by automating most of the tasks that otherwise take days or even weeks to complete. This almost magical SEO software package will let you put your entire WordPress SEO campaign on autopilot, providing a great solution for webmasters and bloggers who wish to increase their website traffic. If this is you make sure to keep on reading ’till the end.

>> Automate your WordPress SEO campaigns with Google SEO Tools <<

Google SEO keywords tool
Use the Google SEO Keywords Tool to optimize your articles

This software bundle was put together by the best SEO hackers on the web. The SEO tools will help you beat all of your competitors by producing fresh content, auto-publishing blog posts and targeting keywords in the right niche. I will review each of the SEO tools individually below:

#1 Bulk Article Creator: Creates new articles from any amount of different text files. The tool can be configured to use paragraphs or sentences.

#2 WordPress Autoposter Software: This amazing piece of software will automatically post to your or blog. Some of the features include post scheduling, enable or disable comments, pings, set max posts a day, randomize posts and you can even edit your work under the operations tab. By the way, it supports special characters so if you publish in a foreign language such as Hindi or Chinese you will not experience any trouble.

#3 Link Creator: Automatically create backlinks to your blog or website with Link Creator, a powerful piece of software that everyone interested in SEO can appreciate. You can automatically import URLs and keywords and the rest is a piece of cake.

#4 Simple Content Mixer: This amazing SEO software tool allows you to create new articles by uploading text files and using the sentences or paragraphs from existing content in order to create something new.

SEO Software Reviews
Want me to review your SEO software? Send an email!

#5 Multiple keywords Inserter: Optimize your articles by automatically inserting the SEO keywords of your choice. This tool will randomly inject multiple keywords be it at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of each post. You can even set the keyword density to ensure you don’t over-optimize your content.

#6 Link Inserter: Configure this SEO tool to insert a select amount of links in an article and indicate whether or not you want to use stop words and it will diligently insert the links in any part of your posts for either indexing or backlink building.

#7 Sentence Reorder: Sentence reorder is a handy SEO tool that will, as the name indicates, reorder the sentences of any paragraph. This helps your SEO score by creating an article that is seen differently by Google. This is a top-notch tool for search engine rankings when used in combination with PLR articles.

#8 Text Parser: The text parser is of great help to editors who have non-English blogs such as German or French. You can also use this tool after creating an unlimited amount of articles with The Simple Bulk Article Creator. This tool allows you to convert all camel case letters to lower case, you can change the first line to lower- or uppercase letters and delete text files with sizes less than a specific amount of kilobytes.

#9 Article Title Inserter: Manipulate your article titles in seconds by inserting one or multiple SEO keywords of choice. This tool makes it possible to revamp your old articles and give them a new identity. You can also extract keywords from excel CVS files which makes it a good tool for people who use the Google Adsense Keyword tool.

#10 Simple Bulk Article Creator: This is a tool that has similar functionality as the Advanced Bulk Article Creator with as difference that it has lesser options. However, it has a more advanced algorithm which affects the manner in which is selects sentences from the paragraphs.

#11 Text File Unicode Converter: Convert text file unicode from ANSI to UTF8 and the other way around with the text file unicode converter. With this SEO tool you can convert hundreds of text files in just minutes. This kind of conversion may be required for WordPress autoposter depending on the unicode setting of the file in question. Usually this kind of conversion is required when working with foreign languages that use different kinds of characters.

#12 Excel to Text File Tool: Create articles in minutes with the Excel to Text File Tool. Simply upload your Microsoft CVS files with keywords or other material and choose your desired options. Within a matter of minutes the software will generate the articles for you, and either save them all in a single text file, or each post in it’s own file.

>>> Click here to see what the Google SEO Tools look like! <<<

As you can see Google SEO tools can be used in combination with each other in order to automate your entire WordPress SEO campaign, from creating new articles to automatically posting to your blogs, there is very little work required. Also read my article on how to increase your Google Adsense income on WordPress and you are all set! Good Luck!

Notes: Use top tools to check SEO results 1 and to Improve your website performance with the “All-in-One SEO tool” 2, you can easily write blogs to rank for free 3.

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