How Much does a Custom WordPress Theme Design Cost?

DebbySEO custom WordPress themes have an idiomatic design, layout and set of features that are fashioned explicitly for your company’s needs. Our fresh ideas are juiced daily! You have full freedom to customize your design and get specialized components build within your arrangement.

Custom graphic design done efficiently
Cultivating Visual Communications

Graphic design fees are as follows:

  • 1 page (from $499)
  • 2 pages (from $649)
  • 3 pages (from $799)
  • 4 pages (from $949)

Each additional page is charged at a rate of $139

An example of different pages you may wish to include for your WordPress theme are the homepage, browse section, testimonials and payment section.

Make sure to let us know what you like on each page by communicating the main goal and layout. For example, on the Index page we want a large featured picture of our wines with a description of who we are.

Whether you like your graphic design served up full service or a la carte, we are here to help. We are passionate, we are creative, and we love what we do. Just send us an email, give us a call, or use the contact button below.

1. Provide sample templates we can draw inspiration from. If you have pictures, sketches or documents that may be helpful please forward per email or upload to our server.

2. Tell us about themes, elements and content that you DON’T want included.

3. Provide us with thoughts on your interpretation and photography, and describe what you like about it to help guide our team of designers.

Allow us to share your dreams with the world. Think of us as pixel stylists πŸ™‚

Thank you for choosing DebbySEO!

Offering Affordable Design, Marketing & SEO Services for maximum impact.

Notes: Learn about WPBlocktalk a free and live virtual event that will bring together designers, developers and other WordPress enthusiasts. Some people greatly benefit from custom WordPress theme designs while other are looking for a WordPress stock theme and don’t know what to choose.

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I will accompany you with the creation of a successful and well-ranking website that is deeply meaningful and exquisite on all levels. Learn SEO marketing with free tools, SEO optimization and software reviews. Offering affordable SEO services for small business in San Francisco, California, and at an international level.

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