Profitable Niche Markets 1.0

Today I have curated a list with profitable niche markets. I have done extensive research to create the list, and it includes all my findings starting with the letters A and B (I will be following up on this post in order to complete it in alphabetical order). If you want to create a blog to make money, but you don’t know what to write, than have a close look. The topics are excellent for building adsense sites and they will allow you to start earning by employing SEO in order to drive free traffic. When choosing a niche always ensure that you pick a topic that you love and which you know about, you want blogging to be a pleasant experience.

SEO is easy if you focus on a niche
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The acne niche has a focus on dermatology and skin conditions such as blackheads, cystic acne and whiteheads. Obviously this niche market offers you to sell products such as the antibacterial pillowcases, a variety of cremes and gels and other acne treatments. Or you can use your Google adsense account to make money from this niche.


The advertising niche focuses on a specific part of marketing which many webmasters focus on. The goal of advertising is to communicate a non-personal message in order to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Advertising developed in a variety of media. The most popular ones have always been newspapers and television commercials. Nowadays with everyone connected to the internet, a large part of advertising has moved to websites and search engines.

Aerobics Cardio

The aerobics cardio niche has a focus on staying fit and doing daily exercise, either to get endorphins flowing or to combat vascular illnesses. Regardless the reason, Aerobics cardio related niche sites are a great way to connect to people looking for fitness gear, cardio training equipment and things such as protein shakes and fiber supplements.

Affiliate Revenue

The affiliate revenue niche provides you with passive income streams. It is a great topic to write about if this is something that has your interest. The affiliate revenue niche discusses and reviews affiliate programs available on the internet, and if you do well and are able to convince webmasters to sign up under you you will be getting a slice of the pie for each sale they make.

Alternative Medicine

The alternative medicine niche is often labelled as proven ineffective and untested, yet there is a large crowd with an interest in everything related to this subject. From Bach flower remedies to expensive Noni fruit capsules, it is easily sold if you are attracting visitors in the alternative medicine niche.


The law of attraction is said to be a great choice niche wise, and even more so if you narrow it down with umbrella terms such as money, love, Feng Shui or even meditation, hypnosis and relaxation. If you think that’s still too broad you can focus on “how to attract webmasters” and combine this with your affiliate revenue niche.. now there you have a niche that will allow you to cash in on passive revenue streams derived from referring affiliates.


Having a niche site that allows visitors to find and compare products on multiple auction sites is not only beneficial for them, but it can additionally earn you extra income. In order to make a site like this work you do need a developer or basic programming skills.

Audio Streaming

The audio streaming niche is big business, look at SoundCloud and Spotify for example, if you can identify a new group of users than you can design a site just around their preferences. For example bootleg audio streaming, or audio streaming for country lovers. But whichever you choose, remember to always offer something innovative other website owners have not thought of yet.


While it is not the best time to start an aviation niche site, commissions on airline ticket sales can make a decent income. A good example of a niche site is Salsawordtraveler’s blog (the only thing missing to get more traffic is a link building campaign so the site will get higher rankings in search engines). With a site like the one mentioned you can join programs like which allows you to earn about $10 on every $500 sold. Considering that high cost tickets for travels and hotels are not uncommon, this quickly adds up which makes it worthwhile the blogging effort.

Babies Toddler

The babies toddler niche is booming. Attract visitors that are looking for baby clothes, toys, bedding, furniture, clothing or diapers and fortune will be yours to have and hold. Proud mothers are always willing to spend money on their offspring even in uncertain times of crisis when Covid-19 is making it hard for many to keep their head above water.


Being a favorite niche of many influencers, websites with a focus on beauty can earn webmasters a decent income. Writing about products like make-up, wax, hair straightening brushes and so on will provide you with a great niche website that converts visitors into leads and customer

Blogging RSS

The blogging RSS niche allows you setup a site which once running requires very little maintenance. Putting together a site based on feeds from other blogs is the way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on content writing. On the other hand, you should take into consideration that help from a developer or basic programing skills are a requirement.

Book Marketing

Many a writer will auto-publish a book. Setting up a niche site to sell your book can be a great way to gain leads and close sales. The keywords that should be used for a website depend on what kind of book is being marketed and what the book is about.

Book Reviews

Here on WordPress I have seen admirable writers posting book reviews and even putting together mood boards so people can better relate to the “air” or characters of the story. It doesn’t come as a surprise that these blogs are great for affiliate links that point to sites where the books in question can be purchased (think of Amazon). The book reviews niche site preferably allows other readers to post their own reviews, this way you will only have to manage the posts submitted by your community of readers and writers.


The Branding niche provides an opportunity for valuable lead generation. Branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need, and this makes a great business if that is how you like to help people. The only thing you need to get started is a niche website, the ability to clearly communicate a message, and the competence to confirm a brands credibility in the marketplace. Branding is all about motivating the buyer to make a purchase and creating user loyalty.

Breast Cancer

There are many women (and even some men) who suffer from breast cancer and who are looking for information, support groups and possibly products or medical procedures such as restorative breast implants. The breast cancer niche will allow you to connect all those people together, and to offer them the assistance they require.

Broadband Internet

The broadband internet niche is here to give you a faster connection. While this used to be a hot niche, internet speed these days is so much faster than it used to be, that the only connection that is not broadband is dial-up. In today’s modern society most people connect via DSL, cable, fiber-optic or satellite, and in addition to being faster, broadband internet is always on.

Build Muscle

Muscle building is the niche for fitness and health lovers. With a site like this you can sell everything from low carb proteins to appetite control tablets and fat burners. The wide variety of proteins, vitamins and clothing this group is interested in makes it an excellent candidate for your marketing efforts.

Which of the above niche markets has your interest?

Remember, if you already have a niche site but you haven’t spend any time on link building campaigns or SEO in general, than it is likely that you are not visible in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This consequently means that you are missing out on a lot of money you would otherwise be able to collect with your Google adsense account. If you need any help with SEO don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the comment section, or contact me directly and I will get back to you ASAP.

Notes: Profitable niches (1), How to be seen as an expert in your niche (2), find your writing niche and be comfortable with it (3)

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