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This Illustrator Created Amazing Visuals Just from PNG Files …

What do you enjoy more, content writing or image design? In this post you will find three visual experiments and 5 questions intended to invite engagement (the real goal). Algorithms change, but quality content that engages will always be a winning strategy.

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I enjoy writing and in particular reviewing SEO tools, but I usually spend most of my time creating original images. If you create unique content that people are unable to find elsewhere, bloggers and webmaster alike will link to it and your site will gain popularity in the search engines.

When just starting out graphic design can be challenging, and programs such as Photoshop do have a bit of a learning curve. But one is never to old to learn. Check out these graphic design student tips, there is a lot of useful information on that site, including some interesting links to free courses.

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Personally I enjoy experimenting with different styles, especially when it comes to designing. I most enjoy graphic design when working on something I haven’t tried before. Last week I have been designing images with a vintage feel, but next week my designs could be futuristic. And I would really like to learn how to design like Ivan Caceres.

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What it boils down to is this: Creating original content helps you grow your websites, blogs and social media pages. Avoid duplicate content at all cost, it will lower the amount of visitors referred to you by search engines, and it could even cause Google to impose a penalty.

In an attempt to learn more about you and your business I would really appreciate it if you quickly answer the following 5 questions in the comment section below:

#1. What was the best part about your day?

#2: What work is most exciting you this week?

#3: What new ideas are giving you energy lately?

#4: Tell me one thing you’ve learned recently that inspired you.

#5: What is one thing I could do right now to make your day even better?

Thanks a bunch! With love, ~Debby

Published by Debby Winter

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