Song of the Day (Voyage Voyage)

I was thinking about getting this haircut, what do you SEOs think should I go for it?

Desireless back in 1986 –>

SEO Score: 95/100

Desireless today –>

The new version of Voyage Voyage, by the original singer.

SEO Score: 87/100

Top 7 wrap ups for the song challenge: (1). Saturday songs, a foggy day by Frank Sinatra (2), Age of Chang by the fall (3), The Beatles, She loves you (4), Bird set free by Sia (5), Piano Man by Elton John (6), for more songs visit the weekly song challenge (7).

Published by Debby Winter

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10 thoughts on “Song of the Day (Voyage Voyage)

  1. I remember this song so well. In fact, it brought back many happy memories of a dance floor in London during the late 1980s.

    I’m not so sure about the 80s look haircut. But I’m sure that one day it may come back into fashion. After all, they do say that what goes around, comes around.

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  2. The 1980s were an iconic time for the United Kingdom, and London was at the center of it all. From the conservativism of Margaret Thatcher to the rebellion of the Sex Pistols, 1980s London seemed to revel in extremes πŸ˜€

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