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Song of the Week (The Prayer, Dion and Bocelli)

This week’s song award goes to “the prayer”, one of my favorite’s songs by Lexi Walker. The violin is played by Jenny Oaks Baker who also played in the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings. An absolutely gorgeous contribution and a true feast for the ears, enjoy!

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Published by Debby Winter

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15 thoughts on “Song of the Week (The Prayer, Dion and Bocelli)

  1. Hi Joni, when I see your posts I always feel happy inside, it’s so nice to hear from you!! I’ve been working overtime so I haven’t been able to post a lot, but considering the current situation I definitely can’t complain! Hope you are well, love ya a bunch! πŸ’– Debby

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  2. Hi Debby how wonderful to hear from you. I imagine you are extremely busy. I hope you are continuing to be careful. No need to live in fear as God takes good care of us and doesn’t want us to be fearful. We are fine just staying to ourselves as NC is a bit of a hot zone right now. Love you too my friend. β€οΈπŸ’•Joni

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