Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Dear readers, yesterday I was nominated for my first SEO Sunshine Blogger Award!! I received a mystery blogger award before but this one is slightly different. I started out this blog by writing about the best SEO software, tools and other related topics only, but lately I have also been writing about artificial intelligence soContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0”

10 Best Artworks to Boost Rankings to Page 1 on Google

Yes, the modern art below is 100% original and has been created by me for SEO purposes. Actually, when I think about it, the best SEO software is currently making use of AI and this has helped me to create new designs. In total there are 10 paintings that show how original contemporary art canContinue reading “10 Best Artworks to Boost Rankings to Page 1 on Google”

Creating faceswaps with DeepFaceLab is good for SEO?

Technology and artificial intelligence are changing faster than ever, and today we want to know: Is creating faceswaps with DeebFaceLap software good for SEO? Well yes, of course it is! Governments have been secretly using AI and software like DeepFaceLap for a long time. But now access has been made available to the general publicContinue reading “Creating faceswaps with DeepFaceLab is good for SEO?”

SEO is Simple: 10 Expert Tips to Guide Your SEO Strategy

SEO is simple I always say, don’t be intimidated by the amount of information out there. Whether you are looking for off-site or on-site SEO tips, you can find a complete checklist on this website, just follow the tips below. If after reading the information you still need help, than make sure to check outContinue reading “SEO is Simple: 10 Expert Tips to Guide Your SEO Strategy”

The On-Site SEO Checklist ** Complete! **

Today I will provide you with a complete on-site SEO checklist to keep your websites healthy. You’re going to love this list, everything on it is working excellent right now so if you want to improve your Google rankings here is a definitive guide that you can use immediately. With the continual growth of theContinue reading “The On-Site SEO Checklist ** Complete! **”

What Nobody Tells You About My New eBooks “Yahoo!” and “The Missing Metatags”

Hi everone thanks for checking out my new ebooks. If you like to read short stories than The Missing Metatags is for you. It’s about an SEO consultant who starts killing team members in an attempt to stop metatag changes that will put a site owner ahead of his competitors. The Missing Metatags deftly becomesContinue reading “What Nobody Tells You About My New eBooks “Yahoo!” and “The Missing Metatags””

10 Evergreen SEO Quotes to Inspire your Marketing

My daughter is an SEO mastermind, you will ask her about where to find affordable SEO services and she will come up with a large list of companies right off the top of her head. She is also an excellent digital marketer, she got that from her mom I always say. Below are 10 curiousContinue reading “10 Evergreen SEO Quotes to Inspire your Marketing”

#1 SEO Services Affordable – Increase Your Page Ranking

Rank, click and convert. Get SEO Services and Optimize your Website. I am offering a free SEO consultation ($150 value) to the person who makes the best comments to this blog over the next week. Why not make it easy for your customers to find you with managed SEO services? What is the best SEOContinue reading “#1 SEO Services Affordable – Increase Your Page Ranking”

My most recent rankings in the WordPress reader search engine

Hello everyone, I’d like to share another update on the increase in traffic to this site as is reffered by the famous WordPress reader search engine. For those who don’t know yet this site was started about 17 days ago and we have been slowly gaining territory in Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. It seems GoogleContinue reading “My most recent rankings in the WordPress reader search engine”

Improve Digital Marketing with Cute Puppy Images and Videos

Puppies are cute right? So why not add a puppy to your images or videos? Yes, I know it’s cliche, but everyday a puppy does something cute or funny, and consumers respond positively to puppies in commercials and marketing material. A study by the Oxford Department of Psychiatry essentially said consumers can’t help but beContinue reading “Improve Digital Marketing with Cute Puppy Images and Videos”

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