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Making Mood Boards

In an attempt to evoke the right mood and convey my ideas I will be showering you with a collection of images, color pallets and patterns today that will hopefully lift your mood and make you smile. This is the first time I make a mood board so I hope you like it, if youContinue reading “Making Mood Boards”

What is the Best Dress for the SEO Expert?

Everybody knows that the SEO expert with style will buy a beautiful dress, so I have posted 12 different models for you to choose from. You may have been reading about how much I like to arrive in sporty featons when I go to see family or friends, and you may have even seen myContinue reading “What is the Best Dress for the SEO Expert?”

SEO Award – You Have Been Nominated!

You have been nominated for the SEO Award 2020! Click here to claim your reward, this award abides by the highest norms and standards in the industry. If you have an SEO related website, or you are a webmaster who writes about blogging tips and blog improvements than feel free to apply for the SEO blogging award. Get more link juice flowing and notice an increase in traffic immediately!

SEO: Art or Science?

Is SEO an art or a science? Well, I would say a little bit of both. Obviously search engine algorithms have nothing to do with art since they are purely mathematical, but looking at it from the webmaster’s perspective, there is definitely a creative and artificial side to SEO. In a previous post I createdContinue reading “SEO: Art or Science?”