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AnswerThePublic, a FREE Web Based SEO Tool

!! HOT !! Check out Answer the Public, a visual keyword research tool in our free SEO tools section. Gain a deeper level of understanding of how people search around topics, get help with content ideas, revealing questions and queries which you wouldn’t necessarily think of off the top of your head.

Free SEO Tools: Screaming Frog

If you like free SEO tools than you MUST check out the Screaming Frog desktop software. Screaming frog offers a free SEO spider tool which allows you to analyze URLs and audit your technical and onsite SEO. The best place to hide your mother in law is on the second page of Google Screaming FrogContinue reading “Free SEO Tools: Screaming Frog”

SEO Award 2.0 – You Have Been Nominated!

Congratulations, you have been nominated for the SEO award 2.0! Please take a moment of your time to read the entire post. While the SEO award is not an official award, it’s a fun way of spreading motivation and inspiration, and it’s a way to unite SEO professionals, digital marketers and blogging experts. By participatingContinue reading “SEO Award 2.0 – You Have Been Nominated!”

3 Free SEO Tools You can’t Miss

You have to check this NOW these free SEO tools are so amazing I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this information. Today I will be reporting on 3 free SEO tools that will help you write better articles, improve SEO optimization, target your keyword research and fix broken backlinks. The 3 tools below areContinue reading “3 Free SEO Tools You can’t Miss”

Utopian SEO Reception

Today I will be writing about utopian SEO reception. What is utopian SEO reception you may ask? Well, utopian SEO reception is a new concept that is best described as godlike search engine optimization channeling (GSEOC). GSEOC is all about acknowledgement and recognition. It touches the essence of the little bites of SEO content thatContinue reading “Utopian SEO Reception”

SEO Lessons – Search Engines and Stop Words

Writing with SEO in mind can be confusing. Following my lessons will help you to learn about content and SEO. You may already be aware that there are many words search engines ignore. I am talking about stop words. Stop words are words that have no meaning, or words that have an ambiguous meaning, andContinue reading “SEO Lessons – Search Engines and Stop Words”

10 Ballet Videos with SEO Scores You Will Like

Even if you don’t like ballet you are likely to enjoy the videos below!! At DebbySEO we provide SEO for dance studios, but not everyone spends time or money on SEO, and often this makes the difference between being seen or remaining in the shadows. As a way to raise awareness I have rated aContinue reading “10 Ballet Videos with SEO Scores You Will Like”

YouTube Video Builder Available for Beta Access

YOUTUBE SEO – Google rolls out a light weight ad creation tool for businesses. The FREE BETA VERSION eases entry into video for small and midsize businesses. For today’s public launch, customers will be able to use the tool via the desktop, after gaining beta access. The tool itself is only available in English but the videos it creates can be in any language. YouTube has been working on the tool for the last few months, but now, amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube’s making Video Builder accessible to more businesses in order to help in the creation of more effective promotions

Sign up for Ahrefs and get Listed on Top in Major Search Engines

Who doesn’t want to be listed on page one of the major search engines? Maybe you’ve done a little SEO and you’ve heard SEO experts talking about Ahrefs. So now you would like to know exactly what is Ahrefs? Why should you use it? Does it really work? And is there a specific time whenContinue reading “Sign up for Ahrefs and get Listed on Top in Major Search Engines”