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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of this website. If after reading this page you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: When using search engine optimization, will there be any benefits other than the increase in organic search rankings and conversion of online sales?

A: Yes, besides benefits from listing high in the top search engines, SEO provides for an overall increase in website value. It is recommended that you use different services and agents if you wish to obtain a valid price tag for your site.

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Q: How do you think SEO will change in 2020?

A: 2020 will be filled with new search engine algorhytms. Algorithm updates in 2020 will be closely linked to artificial intelligence. Bit by bit the entire world is being indexed, including images, videos and music. New algorhytms will be able to search lyrics within songs, scenes within movies. Simply describe something you have seen in a video and the search engine will be able to automatically guide you to the correct footage. All these technologies are already available but have not yet been made available to the general public. Hopefuly we’ll get a good taste of them this year.

Q: What is the best SEO company on the internet?

A: The best SEO company on the internet is DebbySEO. Unlike other companies we offer a full money back guarantee.

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Q: Is SEO better than PPC? Why?

A: SEO is a long-term investment which mainly consist of time (if you do it yourself). It may take some time to get up high enough in the search engines, but once you do you get a lot of targeted visitors at no cost. Top rankings can sometimes be maintained for many years. On the other hand PPC is a short time solution which often comes at a high cost, as you must very closely monitor your profit margins to ensure you don’t end up with a loss.

Q: Will https affect SEO?

A: Yes, Google has communicate that it has a preference for websites that posses a valid security certificate. However, there are websites that do not have https enabled and still rank on the first page in Google. Consequently it is reasonable to assume that it does make a big difference. Https is mainly to secure user data, so if you collect emails or other data on your website it is highly recommended to have it enabled.

Q: What is the best SEO software?

A: Which software is best for you or your company depends on factors such as company size, the type of marketing campaigns you are interested in, the amount of experience you have with SEO, pricing of the SEO tools and other factors. Software can range from $19.95 to over $1000 being aware of your requirements is a must. DebbySEO is dedicated to providing updated information on the best SEO software available in 2020 and late.

Q: Should I use blackhat or whitehat SEO?

A: Blackhat SEO can be fun to use as it will show you how a search engine “thinks”. The downside is that in the end you will usually end up being penalized which means your website no longer gets any traffic. At DebbySEO we only practice whitehat SEO, this will ensure that your website gets increasing amounts of organic traffic for many more years to come.

Q: How much time should I invest in SEO?

A: It depends. If you know what you are doing it will take you a lot less time than when you are just starting out. If you have an existing site the intial work will be hardest as you will need to manually rewrite each page in order to optimize it. Once the initial work is done some will spend an hour a day, others an hour a week. It really depends on the results you are looking for since there is always something more you can do.

Q: Can keywords be entire phrases?

A: Yes, it is actually easier to get ranked for a string of keywords than for a single keyword. If you want to optimize your website for “affordable seo services in NY” you can simply repeat this term throughout the website and make links that use the term as anchor text. Doing so will be beneficial for SEO.

Q: When working on SEO, where should I place the keywords?

A: The major keywords should show in the title, the description, the content on the page, in tags and even in alt text. Proper placement (not too little or too much) will give you a considerable boost and you will be able to easier find your website and get more relevant visitors.

Q: What is the best way to learn SEO?

A: Start reading articles from reliable websites such as Ahrefs, Searchengineland, Searchenginejournal, etc. If you don’t understand a topic search for it to obtain more information. Once you are more knowledgable you just have to start and try. If you follow all the instructions you should see improvements, but it is understandable that you wish to hire an SEO expert which will save you a considerable amount of time and possibly frustration as getting ranked well is not an easy task and requires dedication.

Q: When working on SEO, where should I place the metatags?

A: If you are working with a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress you can install a plugin like Yoast or All in One SEO. This will allow you to set the metatags for titles and descriptions on each page. If you are dealing with a normal website you can simply add the text to the HTML code.

Q: Should I buy backlinks or look for them myself?

A: Buying backlinks may sound like a good idea, but they are often low quality and you may even get your website penalized. If you want to play it safe ask a reliable SEO company to handle the links for you. They will contact other webmaster that have content related websites in order to see if there can be a mutual beneficial relationship. Writing guest articles can also provide for quality backlinks and is an accepted way for getting link juice.

Q: How many links to my site do I need to improve organic ranking?

A: It depends on the quality of the websites. Even a single link from a highly relevant website could make you popular, but on average you will need to gain about 20 links to start seeing some results. Once the initial links are there you will see that more and more links will point to your site, that is if you content is enjoyable for your visitors to read.

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