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The SEO Compendium (Everything there is to know about SEO)

This space is intended as a complete knowledge base with visual and textual content on SEO, including SEO links, in-depth information on SEO marketing, details, news, tutorials, videos, guides and more. People who have been following me for a while are familiar with the term SEO, but once in a while someone comes up to me and confesses in a shy tone that they have never used SEO before and that they don’t exactly know what it is or how it works. It is for this reason that I have created the SEO compendium, a work that spans this entire website through means of links, and which contains everything there is to know about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of adjusting your website in a manner that search engines are able to understand. Why would you do this? If search engines understand what your website is about then they will rank you higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for organic keywords relevant to your niche, which in turn gives you more targeted traffic and valuable leads which can consequently convert into (lifetime) customers.

The SEO Compendium - Everything there is to know about SEO
Everything there is to know about SEO in one place!

Different Types of SEO

There are three types of search engine optimization, on-site, off-site and technical SEO. On-site SEO concerns things like proper keyword density, meta tags, anchor- and alt text for images and links and use of headers. In other words on-site SEO is about everything you can do with the website itself so Google and other search engines better understand what you are about. Doing this will consequently increase your search engine rankings for relevant organic keyword searches.

Offsite SEO has to do with activities such as linkbuilding (gaining backlinks), social media marketing, submitting guest posts, writing press releases and otherwise promoting your website, for example you could use paid advertising (PPC) or network with other webmasters to discuss the trade of traffic or benefits related to your business. Your goal is to gain an online presence that is as large and positive as possible, and you want to do this in a way that is cost effective and efficient.

Technical SEO has to do with the structure and code of your website. Every website needs to be optimized in order for it to load quickly, especially on mobile phones since bandwidth is more costly on mobile networks. You should think of things such as compression, cachability, not too much javascript and ofcourse proper navigation menus. If your pages cannot be easily found on Google and other search engines they may skip pages so it is important that each page on your website can be found not directly from the index, but from a page no more than one click away which is the closest you will be able to get.

Best SEO Companies

There are many SEO companies, especially where I live in San Francisco, but wherever you go, Atlanta, New York, Miami or Washington, SEO agencies are all around yet it is not easy to find the best company. Local SEO is also gaining traction, mainly because it is easy to have a company indexed locally. It doesn’t take a lot of work but the SEO company still charges a lot of money, often between $250 and $500. And doing this may be as promised, but it’s not what makes an SEO company really stand out from the crowd.

Google, Altavista & Aol

I remember the times before Google, people used to enter their keywords on search engines such as Altavista and AOL. Then Google came around and things quickly started to change. What is the best search engine people wanted to know. Without doubt, Google is the best search engine the masses agreed. And they were right, although I will always have a special place in my heart for Altavista.

Google SEO

So that’s how Google dominated the SEO market and SEO marketing as we knew it slowly changed focus to only please Google. Eventually SEO marketing turned into Google SEO because with every Google algorithm change people had to adjust their content and SEO methods. It is no wonder that during this time plenty of SEO tools became available on the internet. There were tools to do keyword research, tools to check keyword density, tools to analyze metatags and so on.

Catch up with SEO

Today internet marketing is a lot more advanced and complicated when compared to the early Google years. Internet marketing can make you a lot of money, especially if you know SEO optimization since this is a method that anyone can learn and which only requires you to invest your time. If you take SEO optimization seriously you will notice that your website ranking goes up over time. You can use an SEO checker to see how you are doing.

Algorithms & Learning

Search engine marketing can be a lot of fun, it is like game where the algorithms keep changing, and you have to do your best to get back on top again. This is often easier for local SEO services but if you want to maintain a page 1 ranking for a single keyword than a lot of work is often required. If you are interested in becoming an SEO expert I recommend you start small and focus on long tail keywords first. You can create an SEO website from the convenience of your home and if you rank well you could even reward yourself the proud title of SEO consultant. You can even register for a free blog at blogger or at WordPress.

Where to look for the best

Many small business owners want to know what the best SEO company is, but this is often a difficult question to answer, not because there few SEO companies that are good, but because the SEO agencies that rank on top of Google are not necessarily the best ones. They spend a lot of money and energy on ranking their page on top and you, the customer, will be paying for this time and effort. The best way to find out if an SEO company is reliable is through means of reliable reviews, but be careful, there are many websites who create their own review websites as well.

The Real SEO Expert

The real SEO expert who is really good at what he does doesn’t need a website or SEO rankings in Google to promote himself. He is so popular that there will be enough work based on word of mouth advertisements. As a matter of fact, he knows SEO so well that he doesn’t even need SEO software to tell him what changes need to be made, where and why. He knows all those things by heart.

From Scratch to Growing an Empire

If you are one of those people who wants to learn SEO than my SEO blog is the right place for you to be. I know people who started with just a little knowledge and who are now running an internet marketing agency. You see, it’s all about website optimization and keyword ranking. You do a site audit, run an SEO report and tell the business owners what to change and how to do it. That’s all. If they want you to do hands-on work such as writing a press release you can charge as much as $50 / hour.

Being SEO certified

Did you know that some universities are now offering SEO certification? I know, who had thought that 10 years ago. Online marketing companies have multiplied like mushrooms. And if you search Google for “SEO packages” you will get exactly the information we provide on our services offering page. We beat other online marketing companies because we have been breathing google search engine optimization since 1998 (with us being around for longer).

Affordable SEO Packages

Small business SEO services do not have to be expensive. DebbySEO offers affordable SEO packages for small business starting at only $99 a month. You can take a free SEO test and we will do the rest. We are experts in SEO writing and SEO copywriting, and we have all the basics covered. Even the SEO companies near us are jealous of our results.

Your own Agency

We received our SEO training and certification at the University of Washington, this is where we learned about SEM marketing and after searching for SEO jobs we eventually came to the conclusion that it would be a much better idea to start our own online marketing agency. You can do the same. If you want to know what real SEO marketing is just give us a call or drop by at our office. We will show you every secret of the industry.

Breathe SEO

Ok by now you must be wondering how many times I say the words “search engine optimization seo” in a day? The answer is lots of times. You see, search engine optimization seo is my life, I live it and I breathe it. It is what pays the bills and what I like to do, from 9am to 10pm search optimization is me. This is also the reason why I am an SEO manager at an firm in San Francisco.

SEO Tools

If you are into eCommerce SEO is the most cost effective way to promote your business and gain leads. You don’t necessarily need to consult with a website marketing company. Local online marketing is also optional, but what I do recommend is an SEO course. You can also find SEO tools online. The best tools are sometimes available for free. For example, sites such as Ahrefs and Woorank will give an SEO check at no charge.

Conquer the World with SEO

When I started my first search engine optimization company I was ecstatic. My biggest focus still is on website promotion and SEO content. My SEO marketing company additionally has an interest in PPC campaigns and press reviews. And while it is easier to conquer a local market, targeting a global market is so much more exciting. Sometimes I think that local search engine optimization is for those who don’t have the guts to conquer the world.

Be Famous for what You Do

Our online marketing services range from SEO to Linkbuilding to PPC and promotion on other websites. If you don’t know how to do SEO, you will when you’re done reading this website. We only use white-hat SEO and once we’re done with your website your SEO score will be through the roof. It is no wonder we are listed with top SEO companies from all over the world. Our SEO services company will satisfy all your needs at affordable prices.

Offer sharp prices and excellent service

SEO pricing generally ranges from about $200 to $5000 / month or more depending on the amount of staff required for the project, and on the size of your business / enterprise. We provide affordable SEO with professional services, and we have SEO freelancers aboard for smaller projects. Local search engine optimization services are delivered at discount depending on the area where you reside. U.S. residents get 15% off regular SEO retail rates.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is a different story. Google’s main income comes from PPC listings. Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) are often effectively used in combination with SEO, but it is hard to generate profits with PPC alone. Instead we recommend video SEO because for many people video is easier to understand, and it has been proven to have higher conversion rates. Additionally you can make viral videos which will circulate among a large amount of viewers at no cost.

Be Extraordinary

SEO help comes at a small cost but all questions are free. At DebbySEO the SEO cost is among the most affordable at an international level. DebbySEO provides marketing SEO services and small business SEO services that stand out from the crowd due to its high quality standards, its professionalism and a quick turnaround time.

Buying Software

Our website is all about web marketing services and you will find free SEO tools and reviews so you can make a well informed decision what software to buy and which SEO consulting services to use. We review SEO software that will make your search ranking skyrocket and we focus on mobile SEO as this current outranks desktop searches all over the world. If you are wanting to outsource SEO please get in touch, we have an SEO expert available to assist you 24/7.

Educational Material

There are many SEO techniques and on our website you will find clear explanations as of how SEO works and what you can do to create a better optimized website. Make sure to read our SEO tutorials, guides and other educational material. We have sorted out the best SEO- books, videos and programs, it’s all about organic SEO! Once you are done with all the material on our website you can start your own SEO business online. We even offer SEO certifications.

Free SEO is a thing

Free SEO is a thing, but having a fully functional software application is bliss. While there are many free SEO tools on the market, the functionality of free programs is unfortunately limited. Regardless, if you are not an SEO professional free tools may be sufficient to increase your web ranking. Be careful with search engine submission services, some can actually be harmful because they submit in a way that could be considered sp&m.

The Affordable Agency that Suits your Needs

If you are looking for professional SEO than you need to find the best SEO agency. It is noteworthy that the best SEO marketing agency is not found in Google. Everybody can pay for a listing and rank on top, this does not constitute professional search engine optimization. Rather follow your favorite SEO blogs and see how the people you know are doing. Of course you will also be able to find them in the search engines (this is proof that they know what they are doing), but not under keywords that are only targeted to make as much money as possible. Search engine optimization is meant to be a challenge, not a rip-off.

SEO Web Design (New)

Are you in need of SEO web design? We take care of it for you. SEO web design is graphic design that has been optimized for the search engines. You may be aware that engines like Google read the text printed on images, and that the content of your images needs to expand on the visible content on your page. With SEO web design we make sure that your images are a perfect compliment to your blog posts.

Know Your SEO Company

Have you ever tried cheap SEO, or maybe cheap SEO from India? I did once, and unfortunately my experience wasn’t very good. I paid several thousands of dollars and received articles that were copied from other sites, and in the end the entire website was penalized and it ended up costing me so much more. The people I spoke to at first were fluent in English, but the people I worked with were not. Now I’m not saying that this will happen if you choose any India SEO optimization company that offers organic SEO services, but working with native English speakers does come with advantages.

Everything in One Place

So my advice is to look for a top SEO agency such as DebbySEO (yes that’s us). DebbySEO offers affordable SEO packages, local SEO marketing, SEO advertising, and you’ll be working with real native English speaking SEO experts and web marketing consultants. Whether you are looking for SEO New York or SEO London, DebbySEO has the right search engine optimization package to fit your business’ needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A reliable company always offers a guarantee. Note that our Google SEO optimization services are always backed up. Many SEO providers have told us we’re crazy, but it’s that simple: If you don’t rank – you don’t pay. We have worked with thousands of clients and we know what we are doing. We are a professional SEO internet company and we know our SEO secrets, including all the tips and tricks of the trade.

Look no Further

So whether you are looking for SEO in the USA, SEO in Australia or SEO in the UK, DebbySEO’s got you covered. We are the leading SEO company on a global level and we will perform a site audit, do your keyword research, write your articles, focus on content marketing, link building and write interesting press releases and guest posts in order to grow your online presence and get you positioned in the organic search engine rankings at affordable prices.

By following the links below you will have access to everything there is to know about SEO. SEO Guides, Tutorials, Images, Books, Videos, Software, Tools, Seminars, News and More. Does this look like a Wikipedia article on SEO? I’m sorry if it does, it is not my intention and I hope that the content on this page offers not only more information, but that it additionally helps to prepare the visitor for his or her next SEO project.

The SEO Compendium – Notes and Links:

Let me get started by telling you a bit more about DebbySEO. We are a San Francisco based SEO team and we have won several SEO awards. When a customer approaches us we offer them a free SEO consultation (limited time offer) and we allow them to browse through our SEO Services Offering where they will be able to review the different packages we have to offer. It is not uncommon for a client to order a personalized package especially created for their needs.

Besides from providing a full range of SEO services we also educate our visitors on how to do SEO themselves and on how to grow and become prosperous. We even trust our visitors cool secrets such as how to make money online selling t-shirts by using dropshippers. Note that this is NOT a money make rich scheme but a legit business opportunity. There are dropshippers in California, New York, Dallas, and even in London and other parts of the UK. And we further keep our subscribers up to date with cool SEO tools such as the Opera browser with free VPN. Most of our visitors are geeks and they absolutely love these kind of things.

I started this blog as an SEO experiment because I wanted to show my team that it is possible to get to page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo even with a free blog. It took only 12 days before this blog was indexed in the major search engines. Some visitors had questions so I created a questions and answers page so they can easily find the answers they are looking for. I wrote on how to improve search rankings on Yahoo, showed people how to safely move their blog from to, where the could find cheap webhosting solutions that offer fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited domain hosting for less than $3 dollars a month, and I even showed them how to create SEO optimized images. It is not for nothing that they call me the San Francisco SEO guru.

If you are looking for free SEO tools you have to check out Woorank and Serpstat. There are a variety of other software solutions you can try. For example take keysearch, it is a great alternative to the much more expensive solutions provided by companies such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. If you are not sure which software solution is best for you you can always check out the best SEO software reviews which I posted not too long ago. Most SEO software solutions are web based, but some, including screaming frog can be downloaded directly to your desktop and you don’t even have to pay for it. Free SEO software is a blessing. lets you harvest email addresses from domains of your choice, this is particularly handy if you want to send out link exchange requests, or if you like to check if a certain website is open to guest posts.

I almost forgot to mention, these three free SEO tools are pretty awesome too. I am completely stunned as I just now realize how much I have been writing about SEO software. One of my favorite digital SEO solutions is AnswerThePublic, it provides you with all kind of questions people type into the search engines. You can search by topic and the standard version is free for all. Since I have been using WordPress I have grown fond of SEO plugins such as Yoast and the All-in-One SEO plugin, although I must confess that I appreciate the Yoast plugin more.

In addition to the technical side of SEO I also appreciate the more playful sided of SEO, which is to entertain people by telling them what my day looks like, what my preferred way of transportation is when I go to an SEO conference or to my San Francisco office, and I even select interesting ballet videos based on SEO scores so people can unwind after a hard day of SEO optimization. More than other SEO firms and agencies, I see SEO as an abstract concept, so I frequently publish crafty articles about SEO language and application and other topics that cross my mind. I remember one day I wrote about what the best suit is for an SEO consultant to wear. Did I mention that I live in San Francisco and that I love absolutely everything about SEO? If you decide to visit make sure to stop by at our agency!

So in short that’s what I have been blogging about in the past two months and a half. My main focus has been on affordable SEO quotes and on special quotes, people have reviewed and signed up for software such as Ahrefs, I have been teaching SEO and providing people with SEO checklists, told them how they can get listed on the first page of Google and so much more. It was not until today that I looked back on all the content that I had written and realize how this all comes together. People have been in lockdown so I have given them ideas as of how to make money on the side, whether done with Google Adsense or by selling SEO eBooks online is irrelevant. And meanwhile I have been closely keeping track of my search engine rankings, not only in Google, Bing and Yahoo, but also my search rankings in WordPress which have been treating my like a queen. The only thing needed to rank high in WordPress is to throw in some cheap quotes.

So if you are that person who has started a blog or website and now wants to grow a business and claim that empire than follow me on WordPress and pay close attention to the tips and tricks I will be throwing in your direction. You will find everything from multi billion marketing, SEO and advertising advice to simple updates on my blogging status and tips on how to rank on Bing. My original art works will boost your website and business to the first page of all major search engines. Have look here and check out the canvas named “Eyes of the SEO assistant” and “Mark of the Link Building Expert”, I find them to be absolutely relevant and gorgeous. By the way, our company offers SEO services without contract so if you just want to try us for a month to see how we work this is no problem. I guarantee you will learn a lot from us. We can implement all kinds of cool stuff on your site such as a live chatbot or an interactive game that will retain your visitors for longer. And whatever you do, if you want to make money, make sure to commit to a niche. By the way, with more artificial intelligence for chatbots being used you will see a lot more faceswaps. Soon people will also be able to make their own professional videos with programs such as Deepfacelab so make sure to keep an eye on the watch-out.

And I wouldn’t be me if I would leave you without a bonus. Since you’ve made it this far you may as well read the rest, this way you can boast to your friends that you have read EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT SEO (which is true if you followed all the links and read all the content). Maybe you now want to learn about how to manifest abundance with SEO content marketing? I have it covered for you. I can rank anything I want in top organic positions so if you need any help you can always contact me. Making money with SEO marketing and affiliate programs is easy, all it takes is perseverance and basic knowledge of search engine optimization. The combination of SEO and Marketing is a very powerful one and you should take the opportunity to use it in your advantage. The only thing you have to do is to create the perfect blog post, throw in your favorite keywords, make sure you have the right keyword density, and off you go. Just make sure to stay focused on SEO and you will surely explode your results and grow your business. And if it doesn’t work the way you want the first first time, always be kind to SEO experts. If you want more details on the services we provide make sure visit this post or dedicate yourself to some more SEO lessons they are 100% free of charge. Remember, if you answer questions on your website Google will add snippets to your search results which cause a higher click-through rate. And keep in mind that 95% of visitors are attracted to cute content such as photos of cute puppies and baby images so make sure to use this toward your advantage.

If you have opened all the links and read all the material than you should at this time know almost everything there is to know about SEO, and what you didn’t know about SEO can be found in this post. And last but not least check out the following YouTube SEO video ratings, SEO video ratings are important to determine whether your video is getting the views it should. Google launched a beta tool that allows you to make short commercials, make sure to check it out, it allows you to make use of the public domain music library and has a lot of free features. The only requirement is that you register with Google and they will let you know when the download is available. And what happens with SEO on holidays, I for one keep on working and people seem to appreciate that.

Notes: Top 5 most important SEO tips for bloggers. Internet marketing, digital marketing and the Google optimize guide for beginners.

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