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KeywordSh****r Review – Free SEO Tools

OK I know, this free SEO tool isn’t called Keywords Hitter, the actual name is so unsanitary that I’d rather avoid mentioning it for the sake of not being indexed in Google for that term. You have probably seen expensive SEO tools that promise lists of well ranking keywords. Well, Keyword Sh****r will pull thoseContinue reading “KeywordSh****r Review – Free SEO Tools”

Sign up for Ahrefs and get Listed on Top in Major Search Engines

Who doesn’t want to be listed on page one of the major search engines? Maybe you’ve done a little SEO and you’ve heard SEO experts talking about Ahrefs. So now you would like to know exactly what is Ahrefs? Why should you use it? Does it really work? And is there a specific time whenContinue reading “Sign up for Ahrefs and get Listed on Top in Major Search Engines”