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Song of the Day (Voyage Voyage)

I was thinking about getting this haircut, what do you SEOs think should I go for it? Desireless back in 1986 –> Desireless today –> The new version of Voyage Voyage, by the original singer. Top 7 wrap ups for the song challenge: (1). Saturday songs, a foggy day by Frank Sinatra (2), Age ofContinue reading “Song of the Day (Voyage Voyage)”

How to Stay Focused (free cool links)

Tips on how to stay focused with links to free SEO tools. If you really want to stay focused but you lose track all the time with so many distractions than this post is for you. Setting clear, realistic and measurable targets for the business is a key means of staying motivated and keeping the business moving forward on the right track. Make sure to read this article in full we have the perfect information with interesting links to content that will help you focus and unwind.

Videos you will Like! / YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO 101 – Get all the information you need to optimize your YouTube videos with YouTube SEO. Don’t wait for others to discover your video. Set yourself apart with the best video seo techniques and learn by reading our video seo guide where we will tell you EXACTLY what to do to SEO your videos.

10 Ballet Videos with SEO Scores You Will Like

Even if you don’t like ballet you are likely to enjoy the videos below!! At DebbySEO we provide SEO for dance studios, but not everyone spends time or money on SEO, and often this makes the difference between being seen or remaining in the shadows. As a way to raise awareness I have rated aContinue reading “10 Ballet Videos with SEO Scores You Will Like”

Top 7 Cover Songs Selected by an SEO Consultant

Below you will find my top 7 cover songs rated for SEO 1 to 100. All videos were selected by the best SEO software based on either poor or good SEO scores, and because all of them provided for a high degree of entertainment. Let me know in comments which one you like best! 1)Continue reading “Top 7 Cover Songs Selected by an SEO Consultant”

These songs need to be SEO’d so people can find them

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2020 – This post will show you EXACTLY how to rank your YouTube Videos in Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. We will even talk about search engines such as Altavista, AOL, keep in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine.