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What is the Best SEO Software?

DebbySEO is here to unlock your business’s full potential. We pinpoint which SEO software is working and why, and demystify what makes your audience convert. Today I have sorted through a long list of web based SEO software solutions that help you to improve ranking, monitor competitor back links, and do many other things relatedContinue reading “What is the Best SEO Software?”

YouTube Video Builder Available for Beta Access

YOUTUBE SEO – Google rolls out a light weight ad creation tool for businesses. The FREE BETA VERSION eases entry into video for small and midsize businesses. For today’s public launch, customers will be able to use the tool via the desktop, after gaining beta access. The tool itself is only available in English but the videos it creates can be in any language. YouTube has been working on the tool for the last few months, but now, amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube’s making Video Builder accessible to more businesses in order to help in the creation of more effective promotions

Free Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools on the market that can be used for free. I will be listing a variety of such tools for you to explore. One site I recently stumbled upon is called keywordtooldominator. The website provides a free daily search option which allows you to search e-Bay, Amazon and Google for niche keywords.