Song of the Day (Voyage Voyage)

I was thinking about getting this haircut, what do you SEOs think should I go for it?

Desireless back in 1986 –>

SEO Score: 95/100

Desireless today –>

The new version of Voyage Voyage, by the original singer.

SEO Score: 87/100

Top 7 wrap ups for the song challenge: (1). Saturday songs, a foggy day by Frank Sinatra (2), Age of Chang by the fall (3), The Beatles, She loves you (4), Bird set free by Sia (5), Piano Man by Elton John (6), for more songs visit the weekly song challenge (7).

Website Speed Test: DebbySEO vs.

Hello SEOs! In this post I will be taking a look at the website loading times for my blog DebbySEO, and compare this to the loading speed of the homepage. I have done similar tests with self hosted blogs before, and this always yielded good results in that they were pretty fast. But since DebbySEO is part of the free WordPress hosting platform I will do a variety of SiteSpeed benchmarks and share my findings with you as I find them rather intriguing.

I have tested the loading speed of my blog with Woorank’s tool before and was under the impression that the loading speed of my blog was not all that bad. Boy, was I wrong.

PageSpeed Insights for DebbySEO
Google PageSpeed Insights

As you can see above my blog is in the red area, and we know that Google takes SiteSpeed into consideration for it’s search engine rankings.

There's nothing you can do to make a free blog faster
Google Lab Data

In the graph above you see that all measures are quiet below average. The worse part is that since I’m using the free WordPress plan, there’s little I can do to speed up my blog.

Minimizing the image size and choosing a fast loading template, as well as not loading all my posts on the index page is something everyone should do, however, I already did this and my site is still slow.

The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) which measures the loading performance should load within 2.5 secs (less than half of what it is right now), and the interactivity and visual stability score all need improvement.

And even if I upgrade to a personal or premium WordPress plan, I am still unable to remove or minify javascript, nor do I have the ability to install plugins as this requires a business subscription which costs $25/mo.

So is it worth it at all to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to get better search engine rankings? And will my blog be loading faster if I do?

To answer these questions we will have to dig deeper, obviously upgrading to a paid WordPress subscription will remove the ads from your site (which is good for SEO), but what does this mean?

Not having to load the WordPress ads means that there there is less javascript and less third party content to load. This consequently translates in increased speed. Is this small change enough to make a difference?

In order to further investigate I ran a speed test for a few domains owned by people who have a personal or premium WordPress subscription, and compared them with the speed of my own free blog.

Google SiteSpeed Test: 4 WordPress hosted blogs compared
How fast are other WordPress sites?

Do you notice how my blog has skyrocketed?! What did I do? Absolutely nothing, loading times appear to have different values at different times of the day. The other WordPress blogs however did not score outside of the red area.

While template selection and also the size of images will affect how fast your page loads, it is obvious that most WordPress sites that are hosted on WordPress do not load very fast.

So why does my blog have a decent loading time? Easy, I resize all of my images and the index page is therefore only 1MB big. The average index page is around 3.5MB big (and some considerably larger).

It appears that WordPress reserves most of its resources for their own homepage and not for the their customers blogs.

Desktop Site Speed
Maybe my site speed is not all that bad after all

OK so I did not pass the core web vitals assessment, but my site does have a great loading time close to the loading time of the WordPress homepage itself. So why the low score before? I think we have to use a different tool for a better assessment. Shame on you Google!

GTmetrix Website Speed and Performance

I’m a little turned off by Google’s SiteSpeed tool because it didn’t provide the accuracy I was hoping for. So let’s try GTmetrix and see if we can get any wiser.

GTmetrix allows you to easily compare your results with other websites and additionally it will reveal why your website is slow and how to optimize it.

Now the results returned by GTmetrix are in direct contrast with the 93/100 Google score above which I pulled a moment ago from the Google PageSpeed Site. For GTmetrix the average PageSpeed score is 75%, so in other words it suggests that my blog is on average twice as slow as other sites.

Let’s run a comparison with

DebbySEO vs.
GTmetrix Website Speed Test: DebbySEO vs.

Above you can see that while the WordPress homepage is almost 10 times as big as the DebbySEO homepage, it scores above average for the PageSpeed- and Yslow Grade.

If WordPress would size down their homepage to half its size, it would win with an almost perfect score in all areas, and still be five times as big as the DebbySEO blog.

From all of this we can derive that WordPress uses different standards and assigns more resources to their own homepage, than they do to their customers websites, which are consequently slower.

Let’s do the ultimate test and compare the previous results to the websites we used for the Google PageSpeed test.

Speed comparison: WordPress vs. WordPress hosted websites.
Evidence: WordPress hosted sites rank lower than as much as speed is concerned.

After seeing the scores above I don’t feel that bad anymore. It is obvious that WordPress is using double standards when it comes to speed for its users, and speed for their own blog.


While WordPress hosting offers many benefits (such as no need for advanced technical knowledge), it is not the fastest solution for your blog. If you wish to have a blazing fast blog a dedicated hosting solution is the way to go.

Will I be upgrading my WordPress subscription? Maybe in the future. I am really curious to see how long it will take before my posts properly index in Google, and whether or not I can get the same amount of traffic as on my other websites.

While Google already indexed my blog for its main keywords “affordable seo san francisco” I would like to see how my articles rank and this will take more time as I need more incoming links.

Do I recommend others to move to a self hosted solution? It depends. A virtual hosting account can be obtained for less than $3 a month and it will give you greater flexibility (you can install plugins, reduce javascript size, modify templates, etc).

A dedicated server is faster than virtual hosting and can be leased for about $50/mo. This is an appropriate solution if your blog takes up a lot of resources. If your visitors make extensive use of the database or if you are hosting huge files this solution will fit your needs.

It noteworthy that dedicated servers require a system administrator, and while you can lease managed servers, some basic knowledge and technical skills will be required.

But even if you choose a virtual- or a dedicated hosting solution, whether or not you will be able to increase your website loading speed will for a big part depend on how tech savvy you are. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article already, even the template you choose, how you compress your images, and how you display your content

And as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the template you choose, how you compress your images, and how you decide to display your content are all factors that determine your PageSpeed.

Once again, it is my goal to prove that even with a free account you can rank on page one of Google, and that a minimalist targeted approach can very well beat splashing out with “top-notch” solutions ๐Ÿ˜‰

With love, ~Debby

Notes: How to rank on Google (1). Top Google made tools helping SEO efforts (2). Generatepress Review: Is is the fastest loading template (3)? The 10 most on-page SEO issues (4). Blogging sustainability (5).

This Illustrator Created Amazing Visuals Just from PNG Files …

What do you enjoy more, content writing or image design? In this post you will find three visual experiments and 5 questions intended to invite engagement (the real goal). Algorithms change, but quality content that engages will always be a winning strategy.

SEO as a service
Let us help you by using the search engines to advertise your business and send more traffic to your website.

I enjoy writing and in particular reviewing SEO tools, but I usually spend most of my time creating original images. If you create unique content that people are unable to find elsewhere, bloggers and webmaster alike will link to it and your site will gain popularity in the search engines.

When just starting out graphic design can be challenging, and programs such as Photoshop do have a bit of a learning curve. But one is never to old to learn. Check out these graphic design student tips, there is a lot of useful information on that site, including some interesting links to free courses.

DebbySEO increases visibility in search engines.
We offer SEO as part of our SEM services.

Personally I enjoy experimenting with different styles, especially when it comes to designing. I most enjoy graphic design when working on something I haven’t tried before. Last week I have been designing images with a vintage feel, but next week my designs could be futuristic. And I would really like to learn how to design like Ivan Caceres.

Best SEO Services
All our content is 100% original

What it boils down to is this: Creating original content helps you grow your websites, blogs and social media pages. Avoid duplicate content at all cost, it will lower the amount of visitors referred to you by search engines, and it could even cause Google to impose a penalty.

In an attempt to learn more about you and your business I would really appreciate it if you quickly answer the following 5 questions in the comment section below:

#1. What was the best part about your day?

#2: What work is most exciting you this week?

#3: What new ideas are giving you energy lately?

#4: Tell me one thing youโ€™ve learned recently that inspired you.

#5: What is one thing I could do right now to make your day even better?

Thanks a bunch! With love, ~Debby

SEO Tutorial: 10 Detailed Steps to Rank #1 on Google

What’s up SEOs check this out!! Are you ranking on top of the SERPs? There isn’t a single silver bullet for higher Google rankings. You need a process, a strategic one consisting of multiple tactics and techniques that build onto each other, because without a process it can be the difference between a number 1 ranking and a page nothing ranking. So in this SEO tutorial I’m going to walk you through 10 detailed steps that will help you get more number one Google rankings.

10 detailed steps on ranking number one on Google
A free tutorial on how to rank number 1 on Google

The first thing I need to tell you is that this tutorial isn’t going to be full of random tips. I have a lot of very detailed steps for you so lets get started by zooming in on this SEO tutorial.

10 Point SEO check List

Your main goal is to rank your product and category pages higher, and the main way you are going to achieve this is by using a blog to fuel your rankings and revenue. With that in mind lets jump into our 10 point SEO check list.

1. Topic Research and Competitor Analysis

Step one is to do topic research in a quick competitor analysis. An easy way to find topics is to use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs keyword explorer, you type in a general keyword related to your search, and then you run the search.

Since you will be creating helpful content for our blog, you want to find keywords that either have informational intent, like how-to search queries, and other keywords that will likely show content-based results in Google search.

When using the keyword explorer you want to include your main keywords and add words such as “how to”, “tutorial”, “best” and “ideas”, and right away you will see a list of topic ideas that might be suitable for your blog.

Before we further narrow the result set down, you need to ask yourself three questions.

A. Does the topic have business value?

Whether or not your topic has business value depends on whether the people who are looking for information on this topic, be interested in purchasing your products or services?

Looking at the keyword results returned by the keyword explorer, you want to include search terms that have high search volume, and exclude the ones that include search terms that do not fully line up with your business.

B. What are my chances of ranking for this keyword?

First make sure that the click-through rate for your long tailed keyword is relatively high to your search volume. You do not want to spend a lot of effort on a keyword that has a click-through rate abnormally lower than the search volume since this will not pay much dividends.

You also want to check on the amount of backlinks of sites that are competing in the top 10 results. Note that backlinks are not everything as the count will also include poor links. 10-25 quality backlinks from content related sites will go a long way, but regardless, it is good to have an idea of how much you might need in order to get a listing in the top 10 results.

C. How does Google view the search intent for this topic?

Just by looking at the titles of the top 10 ranking pages, we can tell what kind of results they are. Let’s say they are all blog posts. Since Google is ranking all of these list posts it is probably a good idea to stick with the format so we can be sure to serve the searchers intent. Search intent is extremely important for ranking #1 in Google.

You could also be dealing with a completely different type of search results, in which the top 10 is being dominated by e-commerce product pages from Walmart, Target, Amazon and more. Search intent should be at the forefront of your topic and keyword choices, so don’t try to squeeze in keywords where they don’t belong.

2. Do Keyword Research and turn it into a Blog Outline

So we have our main topic or primary keyword phrase, lets take “SEO software reviews”. What you want to do next is check for keywords that can be found only in the top 8 or so results for competitors sites. The reason for doing this is to weed out all the keywords that delude your keyword density throughout your post.

With the new list you can manually filter through them and look for valuable subtopics. In addition you want to search for so-called “content gaps”. Basically what you have to do is figure out all the keywords that the top 10 websites in Google rank for. This will provide you with a list of very relevant keywords. There are many keyword spy tools such as Spyfu that allow you to quickly obtain this data.

So now you have a list of the most relevant keywords for your niche, you may talk about “keyword explorer seo software” in one section, and about “backlink building seo software” in another section of your blog. But what it boils down to is that keyword research has been covered so let’s move on.

3. Create content that is better than your competition’s

Grow quality and quantity website traffic by optimizing your site for the search engines.
Even with SEO content is King

What makes good content:

It must serve the searchers intent. Just ask yourself: why is someone searching for this term in Google, and what do I need to do to solve that problem. So you need to get into that mentality to be the absolute best helper you can be.

Now, when it comes to creating content personally I like to work backwards. So since our goal is to solve problems and serve the searchers intend, I start with a conclusion.

For your conclusion, just keep it short and make sure that you are delivering on your result. Now that we know what we have to deliver, I get up to the body and ask myself, how do I get someone to this conclusion.

Now I’m not going to write out the entire piece on this, but I want to share some SEO copy writing tips, that should help to keep your visitors engaged.

A. Create scannable content

The way you and I read blog posts and even social media posts is by scanning. We literally scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll and if something catches your attention than what do you do? Right, you scroll back up.

You can make your content more scannable by adding headings, subheadings, breaks within the text like using blog quotes, custom boxes, images, graphs and videos.

B. Write in short sentences and short paragraphs

Writing short sentences and short paragraphs also adds to making your content scannable. On top of that it keeps readers engaged in constantly moving and processing. So there’s some kind of progress that is being made, and progress is good. On the DebbySEO blog most of the paragraphs are 2 to 4 lines long, with an 18 point font.

C. Write in fifth-grader like language

Language that’s easier to understand will keep your visitors around for longer. Think about it. If this SEO tutorial was chock-full of technical marketing jargon or advanced SEO techniques like link sculpting, canonical issues or doorway pages, then you would have probably jumped out of the doorway and onto another page.

There’s a free tool called Hemingway editor, that helps improve readability, and it also improves your readability grade. Now depending on who your audience is, I would opt for a fifth- to ninth grader level.

D. Create an introduction

The last part of your content is to create an introduction. Your introduction is a super important part of your content. It reels the real people in and hook them hard. In general you want to connect with the reader fast, and let them know that you understand where they are. So give them a preview of what you’re about to show them, and get them amped up and wanting more.

An example: If you are struggling to get links, then you probably don’t have anything on your website particularly deserving of getting links. The truth is that there are certain types of content that earn links much more easily than others. These are known as linkable assets.

Linkable assets are not solely created to attract links. There are many other benefits such as social shares, brand awareness, monetization, etc. In this article we will be looking at what kind of contents work well as linkable assets, how you can create such content yourself, and how you can earn links with them.

Try to keep your introduction short, on point, and always use points like you and I to help build that conversation with your readers.

4. Optimize your content (on-page SEO)

By now you should have a pretty good piece of content to work with. The first thing you can do is add internal and external links in your posts, and internal links will be the ones that go from this page to another page on your domain. They help share the link equity among the pages within your own website (1).

Three types of internal links that we should discuss:
A. Internal Linking

Add internal links from the post you are working on right now to other relevant posts of your website.

This is simple. As you are editing and refining your posts, add hyperlinks to link to other pages of your website.

B. Add internal links from your new posts to your existing pages

You can find relevant pages in Google by typing + query that represents your post.

C: Add links to your products and services pages

And if you remember our goal is to rank our product and category pages. The thing with products, category and services pages is that nobody wants to link to them. But they do want to link to helpful content like the blog post you just created.

If you perform a backlink check on a random e-commerce site, you will find that the number of referring domains is significantly higher for content based pages as compared to e-commerce pages.

To top it off the backlink profiles of e-commerce category pages with a lot of referring domains are mostly spam links… By using internal links from your blog you can slowly but surely power your revenue generating pages by leaking link equity over to them.

So for example we could add links to our product pages on the different brand and model names as anchors.

Adding external links (if you haven’t already)

According to a study by Ahrefs which studies 2 million random search queries, pages that link to DR70+ sites generally have a higher ranking as compared to pages that do not.

Now I wouldn’t force external links, but don’t be afraid to link to other website that adds additional value for your visitors. Also, if you link to a WordPress blog you might earn a pingback (linkbuilding).

Finally visit Google auto-suggest keywords and see if there is anything that you missed. Just go to Google and type in your keyword, and you’ll see some suggestions below. You will likely find keywords that are not yet included in the keyword explorer report and which make great additions to your list.

Next I run the search for my query and scroll to the bottom of my page. You can dig through the results and see if there are any related searches for your post. Now you may wonder if any of these searches have search volume. If you go back to the keyword explorer you should be able to pull up all such details without effort.

5. Create a breathtaking title and publish

Headline is everything. It’s the one thing that stands between your visitors and your website. On social, the headline is usually the deciding factor before someone clicks through, and in Google search, it’s the main thing that stands out (2).

To find good headline ideas try something like this:

Search in Google for your common keywords and look for commonalities within posts like number or adjectives that you think will enhance your headline.

Another cool way is to see what viral sites like buzzfeed do. They spend a lot of time refining and testing their headlines so use their ideas as inspiration. Just go to Google and type in “ seo ranking” and you will find a few very clickable headlines.

6. Improve Page Speed

For best results you want to get your PageSpeed under 1 second, or fast enough that it won’t cause people to leave before your site loads (3)

Getting your PageSpeed under one second is tough. You basically have to:

1. Minimize third party tracking scripts

2. Minimize media

3. Have stellar hosting

4. Be a technical wizard.

Now you don’t need to get all your pages to load under 1 second in order to rank on the first page of Google. But on the other hand you don’t want it to be so slow that it deters people from going to your page.

This is the Google search homepage
The Google search engine

Google officially stated that site speed will be included in the ranking algorithm, and more recently they mentioned that site speed will be used for mobile search rankings.

But what’s even more important is that PageSpeed impacts revenue. Hubspot’s infographic on PageSpeed shows that if your website makes $100.000 per day, a 1 second improvement in PageSpeed can add an additional $7.000 per day in your pocket.

In Google it shows that if PageSpeed goes up from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases with 32%.

Without getting to technical here are a few ways in which you can improve your PageSpeed:

First go to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and enter the URL of your page then press enter. If you scroll down a bit you will see a few recommendations to optimize your page for speed as well as instructions on how to do it. If you have any kind of image, javascript or CSS suggestions than you likely see a download link at the bottom of the page. You can click there to download the optimized files and then upload them to your server.

If you are a WordPress user than you can use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, and there is also a great plugin called ShortPixel which compresses your images when you upload them to your server.

Once you have implemented your speed optimizations you can use a tool like GTmetrix or Pingdom to test your PageSpeed. Just paste in your address, choose the location which you like to start your test from, and initiate the process. From there you will get a great speed as well as more optimization tests.

Now your page is loading lightning fast let’s move on to step number 7!

7. Promote your content

It goes without saying that you should promote your content to your blog subscribers, email lists, social media followers and any niche forums you are a part of (4).

Promote your content wherever you can ethically do so
Promote your content on different media

The one I want to touch on for the purpose of SEO is link building through email outreach. This is what’s going to give you that boost that you need to rank number one on Google.

I’ll quickly break down a common tactic and give you a solid email outreach example.

First I need to find people that have linked to your competitors, and this is really easy to do. If you don’t have a paid subscription to a keyword explorer tool you can visit Google and enter: “” to pull up the list.

From here you can use a tool like to reveal the email addresses of those who make a solid link prospect, and email each person with a benefit rich pitch.

Rather than being like: “Hi, I noticed you linked to this person, can you link to mine instead?” try something helpful and speak in a more natural language.

Here’s an example: “Hey (name), I just saw your post on (this) and noticed you mentioned the (your product keywords). Did you hear the software got recalled? It’s causing problems on people’s computers. Here’s a link to an article I published covering the details and some other (product keywords) that were JUST released. (add your link). It might be worth updating that part on the recall or removing it altogether. Cheers, Joe.”

So let me break this down. First I address them by name. Then I tell them why I am contacting them and the context of the rest of the email. Then I give them a fact about something they mentioned and something that’s actually interesting. Then I give them a resource on it so yes, they are going to have to read part of my awesome post. And then I suggest that they update their article, and if they update, of course they link to me. But I’m not being pushy at all by telling them that they could also remove it, which they probably don’t want to do because it requires re-working the content, or cutting out a good chunk of text.

Below are a few blunt outreach tips I will leave you with:

1. Keep it short.

2. Talk to them like a human being.

3. Don’t be needy.

4. Have a really good reason to contact them.

I have some really great posts on linkbuilding and backlinking analysis so I really recommend reading those posts later because we still have two steps left. So now you’re gaining links, social shares and getting all sorts of comments, and you are ranking on the first page of Google, but you can’t seem to crack any position higher than seven. So what’s next?

8. Analyze stats in Google Analytics for underperforming content

After a few months have past since I started ranking on the first page of Google for my target keyword, I would login to Google Analytics and go to the “all pages report” and make sure that the dates are set to the past few months to get a decent set of data.

Next I would find that page that is underperforming and check on the average time spend there by your visitors. The goal here is to check whether or not the underperforming page has an average visitor time higher or lower than average, so we can can tell whether the visitors are engaged with the content or not.

If you find lower than average times here than it may be worth looking at your post with a fresh set of eyes. Ask yourself, are people leaving because I am not serving search intent? Are they leaving because my content is objectively bad?

Go back to your post, assess the situation and make some optimizations to reach your target goals.

9. Analyze stats in Google Search Console for underperforming content.

Next go to the search analytics report in search console. Make sure all of the check boxes are checked, so you can see all the data in the table. Then set the queries filter by clicking and selecting filter queries. You can enter in a keyword for example “seo audit” and it will return results for your seo audit page.

When checking details you will be able to see things such the average ranking on search engine result pages and the clickthrough rates (CTR). If the CTR is well below average you want to go back to your post and rework things such as the title and better descriptions, or go back and reassess search intent.

Now if all things check out and you still can’t rank higher, than chances are you need more links. And there’s one more thing that you can do, which brings us to our last and final step.

10. Relaunch your content

There are very few topics that are truly evergreen. You and I live in a fast paced world with arguably the fastest technological advancements humankind has ever seen. Now how exiting is that?

So rather than letting your content deteriorate for years and eventually lose your top rankings, you should update your content regularly. I have seen a significant boost in search traffic on many different blogs simply by updating the old content.

If are selling a product, I would definitely want to update this for 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on. I would likely want to remove all the products that are no longer relevant today, and add new ones.

After you have updated the post, change the publishing date to the current date, today, and re-promote your new guide.

No-one said that SEO is easy or that it won’t take time, but when you do it with this 10 step process, you can refine and scale your SEO strategy to reach guaranteed results. And I will be posting a lot more material to dig deeper into specific strategies mentioned in this post, like link building and content gaps.

If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy the best thank you messages for your business.

Our SEO services will bring you results instead of excuses!

Profitable Niche Markets 1.0

Today I have curated a list with profitable niche markets. I have done extensive research to create the list, and it includes all my findings starting with the letters A and B (I will be following up on this post in order to complete it in alphabetical order). If you want to create a blog to make money, but you don’t know what to write, than have a close look. The topics are excellent for building adsense sites and they will allow you to start earning by employing SEO in order to drive free traffic. When choosing a niche always ensure that you pick a topic that you love and which you know about, you want blogging to be a pleasant experience.

SEO is easy if you focus on a niche
Power your niche blog with SEO for free traffic to your website


The acne niche has a focus on dermatology and skin conditions such as blackheads, cystic acne and whiteheads. Obviously this niche market offers you to sell products such as the antibacterial pillowcases, a variety of cremes and gels and other acne treatments. Or you can use your Google adsense account to make money from this niche.


The advertising niche focuses on a specific part of marketing which many webmasters focus on. The goal of advertising is to communicate a non-personal message in order to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Advertising developed in a variety of media. The most popular ones have always been newspapers and television commercials. Nowadays with everyone connected to the internet, a large part of advertising has moved to websites and search engines.

Aerobics Cardio

The aerobics cardio niche has a focus on staying fit and doing daily exercise, either to get endorphins flowing or to combat vascular illnesses. Regardless the reason, Aerobics cardio related niche sites are a great way to connect to people looking for fitness gear, cardio training equipment and things such as protein shakes and fiber supplements.

Affiliate Revenue

The affiliate revenue niche provides you with passive income streams. It is a great topic to write about if this is something that has your interest. The affiliate revenue niche discusses and reviews affiliate programs available on the internet, and if you do well and are able to convince webmasters to sign up under you you will be getting a slice of the pie for each sale they make.

Alternative Medicine

The alternative medicine niche is often labelled as proven ineffective and untested, yet there is a large crowd with an interest in everything related to this subject. From Bach flower remedies to expensive Noni fruit capsules, it is easily sold if you are attracting visitors in the alternative medicine niche.


The law of attraction is said to be a great choice niche wise, and even more so if you narrow it down with umbrella terms such as money, love, Feng Shui or even meditation, hypnosis and relaxation. If you think that’s still too broad you can focus on “how to attract webmasters” and combine this with your affiliate revenue niche.. now there you have a niche that will allow you to cash in on passive revenue streams derived from referring affiliates.


Having a niche site that allows visitors to find and compare products on multiple auction sites is not only beneficial for them, but it can additionally earn you extra income. In order to make a site like this work you do need a developer or basic programming skills.

Audio Streaming

The audio streaming niche is big business, look at SoundCloud and Spotify for example, if you can identify a new group of users than you can design a site just around their preferences. For example bootleg audio streaming, or audio streaming for country lovers. But whichever you choose, remember to always offer something innovative other website owners have not thought of yet.


While it is not the best time to start an aviation niche site, commissions on airline ticket sales can make a decent income. A good example of a niche site is Salsawordtraveler’s blog (the only thing missing to get more traffic is a link building campaign so the site will get higher rankings in search engines). With a site like the one mentioned you can join programs like which allows you to earn about $10 on every $500 sold. Considering that high cost tickets for travels and hotels are not uncommon, this quickly adds up which makes it worthwhile the blogging effort.

Babies Toddler

The babies toddler niche is booming. Attract visitors that are looking for baby clothes, toys, bedding, furniture, clothing or diapers and fortune will be yours to have and hold. Proud mothers are always willing to spend money on their offspring even in uncertain times of crisis when Covid-19 is making it hard for many to keep their head above water.


Being a favorite niche of many influencers, websites with a focus on beauty can earn webmasters a decent income. Writing about products like make-up, wax, hair straightening brushes and so on will provide you with a great niche website that converts visitors into leads and customer

Blogging RSS

The blogging RSS niche allows you setup a site which once running requires very little maintenance. Putting together a site based on feeds from other blogs is the way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on content writing. On the other hand, you should take into consideration that help from a developer or basic programing skills are a requirement.

Book Marketing

Many a writer will auto-publish a book. Setting up a niche site to sell your book can be a great way to gain leads and close sales. The keywords that should be used for a website depend on what kind of book is being marketed and what the book is about.

Book Reviews

Here on WordPress I have seen admirable writers posting book reviews and even putting together mood boards so people can better relate to the “air” or characters of the story. It doesn’t come as a surprise that these blogs are great for affiliate links that point to sites where the books in question can be purchased (think of Amazon). The book reviews niche site preferably allows other readers to post their own reviews, this way you will only have to manage the posts submitted by your community of readers and writers.


The Branding niche provides an opportunity for valuable lead generation. Branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need, and this makes a great business if that is how you like to help people. The only thing you need to get started is a niche website, the ability to clearly communicate a message, and the competence to confirm a brands credibility in the marketplace. Branding is all about motivating the buyer to make a purchase and creating user loyalty.

Breast Cancer

There are many women (and even some men) who suffer from breast cancer and who are looking for information, support groups and possibly products or medical procedures such as restorative breast implants. The breast cancer niche will allow you to connect all those people together, and to offer them the assistance they require.

Broadband Internet

The broadband internet niche is here to give you a faster connection. While this used to be a hot niche, internet speed these days is so much faster than it used to be, that the only connection that is not broadband is dial-up. In today’s modern society most people connect via DSL, cable, fiber-optic or satellite, and in addition to being faster, broadband internet is always on.

Build Muscle

Muscle building is the niche for fitness and health lovers. With a site like this you can sell everything from low carb proteins to appetite control tablets and fat burners. The wide variety of proteins, vitamins and clothing this group is interested in makes it an excellent candidate for your marketing efforts.

Which of the above niche markets has your interest?

Remember, if you already have a niche site but you haven’t spend any time on link building campaigns or SEO in general, than it is likely that you are not visible in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This consequently means that you are missing out on a lot of money you would otherwise be able to collect with your Google adsense account. If you need any help with SEO don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the comment section, or contact me directly and I will get back to you ASAP.

Notes: Profitable niches (1), How to be seen as an expert in your niche (2), find your writing niche and be comfortable with it (3)

200+ Followers

Hi there,

I’d like to make use of this opportunity to thank all of you who have been supporting this blog with your likes, comments and perpetual love!! It’s like I’ve gained a new family ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a true pleasure to be blessed with a network of over 200 followers! I believe we can all bring out the best in each other and provoke positive change by sticking together.

While I could go on writing a long post, I just want to say a single thing:

Thank you so Much for your continued Help and Support!

You guys mean the world to me.

With Love,


Making Mood Boards

In an attempt to evoke the right mood and convey my ideas I will be showering you with a collection of images, color pallets and patterns today that will hopefully lift your mood and make you smile. This is the first time I make a mood board so I hope you like it, if you do please like and share, comments are welcome!

Above Mood Board 1

Above Mood Board 2

Above Mood Board 3

SEO score 80/100

Now if you’re blue, and you don’t know where to go. Why don’t you go where fashion sits, puttin’ on the Ritz. Different types who wear a daycoat, pants with stripes and cutaway coat, Perfect fits, Puttin’ on the Ritz ๐Ÿ™‚

I would like to invite you to create your own mood board with a focus on positivity. If you link to this page I will provide a link back to you. Everyone reading this is nominated!! Thanks for visiting and please let me know which of the three mood boards (or pictures herein) you liked best and why.

With love, ~ Debby

Notes: 6 favorite books as mood boards (1). How to use mood boards to inspire you (2). You can use them for brainstorming and plotting (3).

Increase Sales with Landing Pages

A sales page is a landing page at the end of your marketing funnel. It serves one purposeโ€”which is to convert leads into buyers.

In contrast to a regular landing page, the sales page’s call-to-action is a “buy now” or “purchase” prompt. This leads the visitor directly to a payment page. Meaning, the sales page needs to be extra convincing so that the visitor ends up buying.

5 Ways to Increase Sales Using a Landing Page:

  1. Create urgency. Use a countdown timer or a special discount code that is valid for a certain period of time to create a sense of urgency that pushes the visitor to buy.
  2. Scarcity. Humans tend to want what they can’t haveโ€”highlighting “only x amount of tickets left” will get someone’s attention.
  3. Special offer. Special offers also create a sense of urgency that makes the visitors want to act on this limited-time only deal.
  4. Flattery. Emotion is a driving force for most purchases, make your visitor feel flattered and privileged to tap into their emotion.
  5. Unique-Value-Proposition-focused headline. Use your unique value proposition in your headline to immediately communicate your value and what sets you apart.

However, making landing pages can take time and money.

Always use positive language and give credence to customer complaints.
Practice clear communication and speak as your customers do.

My solution is a very simple template that helps you create stunning custom websites that convert.

The one-time payment for this template includes an adjustable template with different backgrounds, colors, logos, bonus software and more.

The template also integrates with your favorite apps and platforms like Paypal, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign.

You can create a captivating sales page that converts without any design or web experience.

It’s the perfect template to start generating sales for your business.

Reach Out To me and Try This Template Today!

Talk soon,
Debby Winter

Are you ranking on top of the search engine result pages?

If your answer is no than the first thing you should do is check with your SEO agency to see if they are ranking on top of the search engine result pages themselves. If they don’t rank on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo than there is a good chance that they won’t be able help you with your SEO needs. If you find yourself in such a situation it is better to cut your losses and cancel your monthly payments, but don’t let this turn you off forever, reliable SEO agencies do exist!

Cheap SEO Services
Choose an SEO agency that ranks well on SERPs

There are many companies calling themselves qualified SEO agencies. All of them claim to be offering affordable or cheap SEO services, but unfortunately a good share of them cause nothing but trouble. While a cheap SEO agency may charge less than the average SEO company, it could eventually cost you a pretty penny if the result is that your site will end up being penalized.

The truth is that many so-called SEO agencies simply don’t have enough experience and knowledge, yet everybody can start an SEO website without the need for certification. Some will try to get you ahead by using duplicate content and comment spam, while others employ excessive link building or over-optimize your articles, all techniques that will cause exclusion from the SERPs.

So before deciding to settle with a cheap SEO company make sure to verify whether or not the company in question is listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo. See if they have a blog where you can reach them, and ensure they are responsive to your messages. These are all important factors when making your choice. Using white-hat SEO techniques only is a must. Black hat SEO may sound mysterious and cool, but it will generally end with your company’s website being penalized.

I hope this will assist you in making a better choice. If you ever need SEO work done feel free to contact me for a site audit and I will tell you how I will be able to help ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reliable SEO is an Investment

Here is some important data: Hiring reliable SEO services is an investment that can pay off big time for your small business. Businesses that can be found on the first page of Google are receiving over 92% of revenue from online sales. You too can move up in the SERPs. Follow our SEO tips or contact us to employ our services. We will do everything to ensure that your SEO campaigns will pay dividends.

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