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Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Dear readers, yesterday I was nominated for my first SEO Sunshine Blogger Award!! I received a mystery blogger award before but this one is slightly different. I started out this blog by writing about the best SEO software, tools and other related topics only, but lately I have also been writing about artificial intelligence so I figured I may as well include another award post just because they are so much fun and because I like answering the questions.

First of all, I like to make use of this opportunity to express my gratitude to Sheree at, she is the one who nominated me and to whom I am very grateful. Sheree is a cheerful blogger who lives by the sea, loves cheese, but can’t eat dairy, and her four great passions are Football, Cycling, MotoGP and Cookery. If this made you curious about what she might look like than you can view her picture here.

You may already know me, my name is Debby Winter, I am a digital marketer, content publicist and link building strategist. I specialize in SEO and have been doing this since 1998. Blogging is a fairly new concept for me as it always brought up memories of corrupted databases, slow loading times and outdated plugins when I really needed an update, so early on in 2005 I decided to stop using WordPress altogether, until now that is.

Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshine blogger award
this is the new sunshine blogger award

My Nominees: Of course, the Sunshine Blogger Award isn’t an official award, but it’s a fun way of spreading motivation and inspiration. To get the flow going I have selected a handful of nominees and left a message on their blogs. If you read this and like to get involved (and why wouldn’t you?) don’t be shy and consider yourself nominated!!

Over to Sheree’s questions:

1. Q) If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you go? — A) Dubai’s shopping center without a shadow of doubt. I have heard they have a huge aquarium and even a skiing slope with real snow. Pretty impressive for a place located in the middle of the desert right?

The huge aquarium in Dubai shopping center
Placing original photos on your blog helps your site’s SEO score
Skiing the slopes in Dubai
Skiing the slopes at Ski Dubai fun in the shopping center

2. Q) What is your favorite sandwich? — A) I love clubhouse sandwiches. This is a sandwich of bread, sliced cooked chicken, fried bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.. Yummy!!

3. Q) Why did you start blogging? — A) I started this blog as part of an SEO related bet I made less than a month ago. The bet was that I wouldn’t be able to get a free WordPress page ranked on page #1 of Google. Since starting out I have been working on SEO and managed to get this blog ranking on page 1 of Bing, Yahoo and Duckduckgo. Things are going in the right direction. Interacting with other bloggers is something I have grown fond of.

4. Q) What advice do you have for new bloggers? — A) Be original. Don’t recycle visual or textual content and your blog will do just fine. If you care about SEO and you would like to optimize your traffic then you should additionally focus on a single topic, without restricting yourself to one perspective.

5. Q) What would be your dream life like? — A) I still haven’t settled down so that’s something I am still considering. Maybe get a piece of land, a dog, a cat and some chickens.

6. Q) Have you ever got stuck in a rain storm anywhere? What did you do during it? — A) Yes various times, I remember one time I was in the mountains of Northern California when it started to rain and this turned into a thunderstorm with a lot of lightening striking the trees around us. Eventually the path we were walking on converted into a small river and it was pretty scary. If you are ever get stuck outdoors in a thunderstorm avoid open spaces.

7. Q) Would you rather watch the waves of the ocean come in and out, or watch a valley from high above? — A) The streams of the mountain are more pleasing to me than the sea.

8. Q) What’s your favorite movie to watch and why? — A) I remember I saw Watchman in the theater back in 2009 and I really enjoyed the story line, its a very gritty and visually striking movie. I also liked Cloud Atlas which came out in 2012, both were very entertaining.

9. Q) Where do you find your inspiration? — A) Many people would answer “online” but I highly encourage that you get your inspiration from offline activities and that you look for the right muses. Read a book, talk to people in-person, travel the globe or do something else that makes you feel good, but at all cost prevent using the internet more than 15% of your time. There’s really a lot of information on the internet but if you only use the front page results of Google, Instagram or Youtube than you will only see the top of the iceberg. Good information is hard to find and more likely to hide in books. Be aware that the internet will start to control your brain if you allow it, and that this will make you predictable. When I limit stimuli around me to only the web, this is greatly limiting my creativity.

10. Q) If you could live in any century what century would you choose? — A) There are many centuries that I find extremely interesting. Not because I expect the world to be so different but because in every age lived enlightened souls that I would love to meet in person. Wouldn’t it be nice to sing along with Homer, or to meet Cleopatra and Bonaparte? Having quiet some data on what happened we could even travel reasonably prepared. Or maybe only go back in time for a week and win the lottery, the possibilities are endless, I would give it a go!

11. Q) What is the number one sport you play? — A) I enjoy jogging in the mornings, which basically is trotting at a slow leisurely pace. I do this to increase my physical fitness because it causes less stress on the body as compared to faster running. I also do stretches for flexibility and I enjoy swimming and skiing.

My favorite articles:

My favorite articles on this blog are about, you already guessed it, search engine optimization. I recently wrote a complete on-site SEO guide that will provide you with a full checklist of things to do in order to make your website or blog rank better in the major search engines. Check it out I am sure you will love it. You will also like our free website submission service that will submit your website to 40+ search engines and 101 stat sites that will immediately increase traffic and backlinks.

My Questions:

1) Are you familiar with SEO strategies? Have you optimized your site yourself? Did you do off site or on site SEO for your blog or website and what is the best SEO software you have used?

2) What is the most embarrassing clothing item you have ever worn?

3) Have you ever intentionally broken the law? When? Where? and how?

4) If you were given $750 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?

5) If you had enough money that you never needed to work again, what would you do with your time?

6) If you could start over your life and change one thing, what would you change?

7) What do you consider your greatest strength, your greatest weakness?

8) What have you tried lately that is new and exciting?

9) What was the greatest adventure in your life so far?

10) What makes you happiest and when you think about it you cannot help but smile?

11) Are some people’s lives worth more than others? Why or why not?


* Introduce yourself

* Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their site –>

* Provide a link to a favorite article on your blog

* Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

* List all rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your blog post.

* Nominate 11 new bloggers and their blogs. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the reward and ask your nominees 11 questions.

That’s all for now folks, if you liked this post don’t be a stranger and feel free to take a shot at it yourself, and remember to comment like and share πŸ™‚ With Love, ~ Debby Winter

PS: Need honest SEO reviews? Check out the best SEO software and tell us what you think!

Published by Debby Winter

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38 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

  1. 1.Thanks for the Nomination. .
    2. I downgraded from the Business Site to the Professional Site…my interest is writing about my travels ..and following fellow travellers.
    3.Nothing…except I had a drink of booze under age.
    4. Hummm?? I noticed in a photo my skirt was a bit transparent.
    4. A Classy Hotel room.
    5. Travel Travel Travel….which is what I do and why I switched to a passive business.
    6. Invest in the market during the crash.
    7. Exploring the world to places I haven’t been.
    8. Writing about my travels.
    9. Hard to choose. However the safari in Kenya rates high on my list.
    10. Travelling.
    11. Every person on our earth deserves a good life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, thanks for the nomination! What a great SEO idea, I am limited on time at the moment but maybe later in the week I can pass on the award and answer your questions in a blog post! As an SEO strategy specialist myself, this is an excellent idea!

    Again, thank you for the nomination, looking forward to being able to pass it on.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats, Debby! And thanks for the nomination too. I love what you say about finding inspiration from offline in addition to online. Wishing you all the best with your SEO projects!


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