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How to Stay Focused (free cool links)

Are you one of those SEO experts who gets absorbed by what they are doing and forget what time it is? No problem, keep on reading! I have the perfect solution for you. Being an SEO consultant all my work is done from behind the computer, and in order to remain productive it is important to take a 15 minute break every hour and a half.

The easiest way not to forget the time is, you guessed it already, setting an alarm. Obviously you don’t feel like buying an alarm clock, configuring your watch takes too much time, and you don’t want to install a software application on your cellphone or laptop. So what to do?

Easy! Just visit every time you need a reminder. The alarm is really easy to set and the URL is easy to remember so you can access it wherever you go. I found this free tool by accident today and I admit that I completely fell in love with it.

Now you have a new super-duper online alarm clock and your 10 minute coffee breaks to recharge your energy levels, so from this point on you will be more productive, stay focused better, and all you have to do is remove the distractions around you to be fully focused on your new SEO campaigns.

The first 5 results on DuckDuckGo are ours thanks to laser-beam SEO focus!
The result of 2 months of laser-beam focus

Done with SEO and being productive but don’t know what to watch on TV?

Once done with the SEO work it’s time to relax. A friend of mine told me about putlocker9 , a .ru domain where you can watch literally every movie and series out there! I’m not kidding, Netflix, HBO, you name it they’ve got it. I thought this was awesome and know that downloading material is not legal, but since this is streaming I am not sure what the rules are where you live, maybe someone could fill me in on this?

Google Snippet for Debby-SEO affordable SEO
On the left is what happens if you focus, on the right if you don’t

Unwinding after being productive – an alternative

If you rather watch something else than I fully understand, and I kinda anticipated this, so here is a YouTube video with a high SEO score for you to watch:

SEO Score 98/100

Make sure to also check out AnswerThePublic, Screaming Frog and 3 free SEO tools reviews. I am sure you will find them interesting. If you liked this post make sure to Like, Share and Comment. . .let me know what you think!!

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