What does an SEO expert’s day look like?

So you want to know what the SEO expert’s day looks like? Good, I’m glad you asked. It all starts with a hot cup of coffee, an American Breakfast, and a review of all the keywords that are ranking on the result pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This blog is only 45 days old and thanks to daily efforts it already ranks on page one of the major search engines. In order to get there a laser beam focus and daily content creation is a must. Of course it is important that all the content is 100% original and related to the keywords of choice.

We made it to the first page!

For those who claimed that it is was not possible for this free WordPress blogs to rank on page one, you have lost the bet! Just look at the results above and below for proof. But back to what my day looks like, the first thing I do after I get up is check on the SEO rankings to see on what topic I need to write about or what links to create in order to maintain the placements on the search engine result pages.

We are white hat SEO experts
White Hat SEO only

I also spend some time on nominating bloggers and website owners for the SEO award. The SEO Award is a special award for those who take SEO seriously and do their job right. It is the first award of it’s kind and it was created by me (DebbySEO).

free seo keyword tool
Rankpay’s free SEO tool

In order quickly check on search engine rankings I usually use a web based application. It is likely that I would not check on SEO keywords as often if I had to check them manually since this takes quiet some time. If I would have to manually submit the queries and scroll down to all the search engine’s result pages I would avoid doing so in order to be able to dedicate my time to something more productive.

If besides SEO content writing you also use YouTube as a medium to connect with your audience than I highly recommend checking into Google’s new YouTube Video Creator. YouTube SEO Video allows you to create short videos using YouTube’s free audio library. Videos may be used for digital marketing purposes such as increasing brand awareness and communicating sales messages. You can download the beta version of YouTube SEO Video Creator directly from Google by following the link and submitting your request.

We made it to page 1 on Google's SERPs
We are ranking on page 1 in Google!

Above a #3 result on page 1 of the Google SERPs. Our images also start showing up in search results as all images added on this blog are 100% unique. For those who didn’t know, this blog was created about 45 days ago with as goal in mind that everything had to be free and that the site should rank on page 1 of all major search engines. This post confirms that we have met our goals in a very short time span.

If you want us to SEO optimize your website it will take about the same time (45 days) before you start seeing results. Usually SEO work is defined in a month-to-month contract, but we also offer no contract SEO depending on how you prefer for us to work with you. We have SEO packages starting at only $99 / month.

So once I’ve finished my coffee I am usually in a cheerful mood because I was able to verify that the SERPs of Google, Yahoo or Bing have once again included new pages of this blog and that the existing rankings have gone up. I will continue by using a keyword checker such as wordtracker which allows me to research keywords with high search volume and low competition count (see above). This allows me to have a better idea of what keywords to focus on and what I am facing in terms of workload ahead of me. The idea is to find high volume long tail keywords that have high conversion rates and little competition. I will integrate these long tail keywords in the titles, descriptions and in content of the new articles I will be writing.

Focus on Google SEO
Google SEO

If you find some SEO terms confusing than keep in mind that we offer free SEO lessons for beginners. We will educate you on stop words, website content, SEO for search engines such as Google and more. We optimize for all search engines including those engines and directories you may not be familiar with.

I'm an SEO expert and my day starts with a cup of coffee
White hat SEO is our business

So, when I’m done reading the reports and have a better idea as of how to move forward I start writing SEO optimized articles and post them to the websites I am writing for. I also write guest posts which is a valid way of obtaining quality organic backlinks. By the time I’m done it’s past afternoon, I will then check work that has been handed over to me and spend time on communication with clients.

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So now you know a little bit more about me I’m curious what your day looks like? Do you spend time on SEO as well, or do you have a day job? Looking forward to your comments!

Published by Debby Winter

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2 thoughts on “What does an SEO expert’s day look like?

  1. For me SEO has always worked. Whether or not SEO is worth it for you depends on what you plan on doing with the traffic. Search engine traffic is highly targeted and converts easily into sales. Once a website is fully optimized it usually keeps ranking well with little effort, plus the benefit of small websites is that you can easily change the structure, so it’s a lot more cost effective as compared to optimizing big sites that have never been worked on. I have used SEO successfully to generate profits on many kinds of websites, and you can even make a profitable income with Google adsense earnings if you SEO optimize your site for the right (profitable) keywords. Your blog would be a great money maker if optimized for people looking to book flights and hotels. The only thing you would need to do is join a few affiliate programs that can appreciate the quality traffic that comes from your site. Just an idea πŸ˜‰


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